Anmalysis of software development project
5 min read

Category: Business Insights

Analysis of the Project – Necessary Evil or Mark of Quality

Building your dream house is impossible without the knowledge of an architect, a project, analysis or planning. We have special laws to regulate this endeavor, which is why detailed documentation of your investment has to be provided to obtain a building permit. A well-planned building project not only helps you get what you expect, it […]

Relationships that foster business
4 min read

Category: Business Insights

How do You Build Relationships that Foster Business Success in Your IT Projects?

The IT project that your business relies on, is a unique project – this execution requires more than just knowledge of working methods, specialized analysis, graphic designers and programmers. It also calls for business experience, which WhiteLabelCoders has built over the years through their cooperation with a range of clients from around the world. What […]

Rewriting IT Systems from Scratch
5 min read

Category: Software Engineering

5 Reasons Why It Is Not Worth Rewriting IT Systems From Scratch

When clients are seeking IT services, they are usually in one of two situations: They have a new business idea based on an IT system, or they currently have this type of business and the system is seriously suffering. In the first scenario, there is no dilemma over whether anything should be rewritten, because nothing exists. […]

E-commerce conference
2 min read

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An Inspiring E-commerce Magento Conference in New York

It’s been almost two weeks since we participated in the Meet Magento conference in New York. As always, this kind of event allowed us to stay up to date with the cutting edge technology and trends in the industry. Which in turn gives us new inspirations and knowledge we can use for the benefit of […]

which magento version
3 min read

Category: Business Insights / E-Commerce

Which Magento Version is Right for My Business?

Currently, e-commerce companies considering the possibility of upgrading to their Magento 1 platform to Magneto 2, are taking a step in the right direction and gaining an advantage over the competition. Magento is rapidly solidifying it’s placed in the e-commerce market, with about 30% of all e-stores operating on a Magento platform, according to, […]

How to implement an IT project
6 min read

Category: Software Engineering

How to Implement an IT Project Nicely, Easily and Pleasant?

Nowadays many commercial companies create an IT product that becomes the basis of business. An example is the Yearful startup (London, UK), who created a calendar for planning the whole year and setting milestones in it.There are also many organizations that are very successful in the traditional market and, to increase profits, create a new […]