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white label development
4 min read

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Web development outsourcing as an answer for uncertain times

Is your web development department only an extension to the rest of the services you provide? But – being honest – it doesn’t bring much profit? There is a way to change it with white label development! The UK market has started to thaw out. However, we still have a time of uncertainty ahead of […]

White Label Agency
5 min read

Category: Outsourcing

What is a white label agency?

Providing white label services means developing a ready-made, licensed software by one company and rebranding it by another company, to make it appear as their own. The concept seems pretty clear. But what can the white label agency really do for its business partners? What is white label web development like? Read the article to find […]

website costs
4 min read

Category: Outsourcing

How much does website development cost? Will outsourcing eat away at your margins?

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. It’s definitely true, especially in terms of business and millions of things that are necessary to keep it running smoothly. If you are super busy running your digital agency and focusing on a good website design you then end up searching for good website development company […]

Code of Honour
3 min read

Category: Business Insights / Outsourcing

Some good reasons to cooperate with the software house that sticks to its Code of Honour

The success of the project always depends on finding a reliable and trustworthy business partner. When looking at different software development companies, client must be aware that they will be working together in the next several months or even years. And that the approach, processes, skills, and experience of the software house will be responsible […]

best workflow practicies
6 min read

Category: Outsourcing

Best workflow practices when hiring white label agency

To stay competitive, many digital agencies will want their offer to be as broad as possible. Making this possible on their own is next to impossible due to the astounding scale of resources needed to hire, train and retain an ever growing team of top tier IT professionals. One way to tackle this problem is […]

Outsourcing company. How to work?
4 min read

Category: Outsourcing

How to work with an outsourcing company?

Outsourcing services is a very common business practice of handing over particular business tasks to an external company at specific costs and for a particular period of time. In fact, in most cases, development outsourcing is a process of assigning specific work activities to qualified experts to be done more efficiently, better, and cheaper. It […]