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We are a professional WordPress, WooCommerce and Digital transformation company based in Poland. We help our nearshore and overseas partners grow their businesses and revenue.

We know how to help our customers. We know how to help you!


White Label Coders


We are always open to feedback. We listen, try to understand, and are proactive in every situation. We are also ready to express our opinion in cases we see it may profit our clients.


We set deadlines and make our commitments responsibly, with the intention to keep them. We are frank in our communication with everyone we cooperate with. We believe every successful business relationship is a partnership.



Does business safety matter to you? Since 2004, Poland has been part of the European Union, meaning we are subject to the European legal system and western legal standards. Yet Poland is still a growing economy and labor costs are significantly lower when compared to others.


The time difference between Poland and the UK is only -1 hour, and between Poland and the east coast of the US is -6 hours. It means we can schedule direct contact – daily, during typical UK and US working hours.


Why us?

At White Label Coders, we help significantly reduce the burden of delivering best-practice web development while at the same time, making it more profitable for you.

Working with us you gain an outsourced process-driven team focused on your goal. We are not just development experts – we are remote work experts too.

Coders Code of Honour

We as White Label Coders
always make sure to:


Make a good job and enjoy the results.

/ Whatever we do, we do the best we can. We notice and celebrate our successes /


Focus on client’s needs to deliver the highest possible business value.

/ We are committed to our work and we care about maintaining the highest standards in the execution of orders /


Control the quality of delivered solutions.

/ We develop and follow good practices /


Make commitments prudently, with the intention of keeping them.

/ We dare to talk about difficult things while taking care not to hurt the feelings of others /


Look for the solutions with a great determination in case of any difficulties.

/ Perseverance and problem-solving skills are crucial in overcoming difficulties. However, it's also important to approach commitments with care and recognize that mistakes are a natural part of the process /


Always tell the truth and communicate it with respect for others.

/ We dare to talk about difficult things while taking care not to hurt the feelings of others /


Not be afraid of making mistakes and communicate them.

/ We give ourselves space to make them, and to learn from them /


Never stop improving our organization and skills.

/ We set high standards and keep up to them /


Engage in activities building our image as the reliable business partner and employer.

/ By aligning with our values and mission, we can develop a sense of purpose and pride in our work. It can as well benefit our career and the overall success of the company /


Not criticize if we don’t have proposal of a better solution.

/ Criticism can be valuable feedback, but it's essential to approach it constructively and always offering a better solution – otherwise it won’t help /


Require compliance with the Code and humbly accept your coworkers' feedback.


Focusing on the highest quality of services and exemplary customer service as well as the internal organization of the company, WLC is a reliable partner for the business.

By constantly improving the quality and processes of software production and uncompromising delivery of the expected results, we become the most frequently chosen technology partner for Digital Agencies on the UK market, and a recognizable brand providing Digital Transformation solutions.


WLC supports small and medium companies in increasing their competitiveness and profitability by providing the highest quality software development services tailored to their real needs, at an affordable price. WLC serves it’s business partners by building the team of the best specialists and creating space for them to constantly grow their competencies and follow the latest technology achievements, as well as constantly improve communication skills and understanding of customers’ needs.


At White Label Coders we believe that a strong organization emerges from the strong values.



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