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Hiring and retaining expert developers becomes a real struggle for many agencies and companies. Let our experts in and build your development team. We can provide you with the following technologies: WordPress/WooCommerce, PHP and Java Script.


If you need to scale up your development team use our services and choose one of our experts to help you develop your project. WLC coders have many years of experience, they specialize in several coding languages and have the ability to work remotely. We know the culture of working in a distributed team.


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Augment your software development team!

When your project is developing quickly, you need more resources to meet your business objectives up to speed. However, finding developers who both have the required knowledge and skills and fit the team is a very daunting task. This is what the staff augmentation model has been created for. It has become a buzzword in the IT market and staff augmentation services have recently become more and more popular. Do you want to know what team augmentation means when compared to an in-house team? Let’s dive deeper into how to hire the best developers for your software development process!

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a strategy of hiring skilled resources on an external basis to cover necessary positions in your team. It allows businesses to choose candidates who perfectly fit the requirements and hire them on an either short or long-term basis. Staff augmentation is handled by a staff augmentation provider who provides you with people equipped with the very skills you need at the moment. The entire process includes evaluating the current staff and determining additional proficiency. Finding the right staff augmentation company is a great way to diminish payroll service, recruitment, and project implementation costs. The augmented team is included in your existing team, maintaining your company culture, and working in line with your business objectives. You can upscale or downscale the team based on your needs.

There are different types of staff augmentation:

  • Skill-based – it demands a specific skill set,
  • Commodity – it demands a reliable employee to conduct tasks but not a specific skill set,
  • Highly-skilled – it demands advanced skills that you can only get through experience or training.

You can also divide flexible team augmentation services into short- and long-term services.

Our clients usually decide to find a staff augmentation company if they need to reinforce their in-house team or if they are on a very short deadline. Augmented staff is an outsourcing model that is also recommended to businesses that need specific skills.

Summing up, a staff augmentation model is the use of outside specialists temporarily to support the capacity of the business.

Dedicated team vs. staff augmentation

Very often, our clients don’t know the difference between staff augmentation and a dedicated team. In fact, these terms don’t actually mean the same. Staff augmentation is when a software company provides its software developers in the form of external hires. On the other hand, a dedicated team model means partnering with an external company that takes over the project and delegates it to its software developers. Below you will find the most important differences between these two approaches:

  • Even though in both models the external company is responsible for recruitment and employment, in a dedicated team model the vendor also covers the cost of office space, hardware, training, software licenses, etc.
  • In the augmented team model, developers are kind of separated from the rest of the team. They may not identify themselves with the team as they work for another company.
  • When it comes to project management, while hiring a dedicated team, you also hire a project manager. In the staff augmentation model, there is a project manager designated at the outsourcer’s side.
  • Time – the time that is required to kick off a project is slightly shorter when you decide to go for a staff augmentation provider.

What is the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?

Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing, however, there are some differences you should know. Project outsourcing means that you are paying for a specific, prearranged outcome, and sharing the burden of risk with the outsourcing vendor. The agency recruits, trains, and manages a team of software developers who are separated from your in-house team. What are the main differences then?

  • In the staff augmentation model, the company covers the cost of hiring and training the augmented team. In the outsourcing models, cost and duties are on the outsourcing vendor.
  • The main purpose of augmenting the team is to fill gaps on a temporary basis. Outsourcing provides both short- and long-time objectives.
  • An augmented team improves overall team cohesion and reduces hiring hassles whereas the outsourced team might not blend properly with the company’s staff.

How many developers do I need to hire for my project?

Each project is different. No matter if this is an existing in-house team or an outsourcing team, the number of software developers depends on how complex your project is. So, before you start looking for a staff augmentation company, define your requirements for the project. Then, it should be clear how many IT experts you need. Think carefully about what kind of software you want to create. There are various programming language skills the team needs to build software for your business. So, the first step is defining your goal and developing a plan. If you need help while creating a plan, contact us, and we’ll be happy to support you with technical expertise.

When you know how many software developers you need, we are ready to start deploying your augmented staff. They will support you every day in carrying on with the project. After all, they are here to help you at any stage of the development process.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Developer for Your Staff Augmentation Needs

Did you know that around 74% of companies believe that it’s a difficult challenge to find qualified software developers? It’s because demand for developers has been unstoppably growing and the pace isn’t in proportion to the number of available programmers who have enough experience and skills.

So how to hire a good developer? Here are some handy tips:

  • Define the product you want to build so that potential candidates know what the project is about. It will help you convince developers that your project is worth it.
  • Make finding talents a priority – even if your budget is quite tight, don’t try to choose programmers who charge a low salary over the right person. Do you know how many startups fail because they don’t have the right talent?
  • Know what type of developer you need – be honest telling potential candidates what they should expect. The worst thing you can do is hire software developers only to find out they are not the right fit. If you are looking for a remote development team, make sure you set your expectations and needs clearly at the very beginning.
  • Don’t look for a dedicated team in freelance marketplaces – those are usually chaotic places where it’s more a race to the bottom in terms of price. This, in consequence, has an impact on quality. Such an outsourcing team can overpromise and under-deliver.

If you are wondering where to find experienced developers, our advice is: find a solid, reliable partner, a staff augmentation company that will search worldwide to find the most highly qualified applicants. And meet our team to see the top talents ready to adapt to your company’s culture and processes.

What are the most crucial skills to look for when you’re hiring software developers?

There are some skills that are necessary for a software developer to have:

  • Coding languages is obvious. The most common programming languages desired by today’s employers are JavaScript, PHP, Python, C++, Java, and more.
  • Ability to learn – experts keep saying that it’s the most important thing a software developer can do to stay ahead of the learning curve. The ability to learn means asking questions to better understand a certain problem or concept. To cope with constant change, programmers should be committed to lifelong learning.
  • At least basic database knowledge. It may be helpful to learn a standardized code called SQL which allows developers to operate varied systems.
  • Source control – most companies and individual developers use Git – an app that enables you to store different versions of a program code in one folder system.
  • Testing is helpful to understand fundamental aspects of a project. There are three components of software testing: unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.
  • Documentation – the ability to write good documentation is one of the most important software developer skills.

There are also soft skills like the problem-solving attitude and willingness to adapt. Also, the members of your team should be able to self-evaluate along the way – they need to test code, discover issues, and fix them. Self-evaluation is a way to have less technical debt and fewer bugs in the later stages of the development life cycle.


What are the benefits of it staff augmentation?

A staff augmentation model works perfectly when you want an add-on to your in-house team. Many businesses choose staff augmentation services when they need to augment their teams quickly and effectively, and when they are looking for high-level skills. To such businesses, team augmentation may be highly beneficial.

What’s in it staff augmentation for you?

  • You gain access to the top 1% of talent – you have the opportunity to hire software developers, designers, project managers, and agile developers considered to be the best tech talents in the world.
  • Hiring and onboarding are fast and straightforward.
  • You increase flexibility and capacity.
  • Resources are flexible – you can easily increase and decrease your augmented team.
  • A staff augmentation model is cost-effective – cost savings add up quickly when you bring in top talents to your organization. Also, you don’t need to worry about costs like office space, bills, equipment, etc. 
  • The workforce is fully transparent – you are informed about any change during the software development process. At the same time, you have full control over project development.
  • No setup or maintenance costs. No hidden costs.

How do you do staff augmentation services?

At WhiteLabelCoders, we treat it staff augmentation services seriously. We collect detailed information about your needs and concepts during the initial workshop, then we start looking for perfect software developers who will match your team best. Staff augmentation is right for you if you want to extend your team to develop another part of the product and if you want to add new developers to your team.