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Best AI tools for developers
7 min read

Category: Business Insights

AI Tools: the mainspring for human creativity and efficiency

AI has taken us all by surprise. That’s a fact. However, after the initial shock, most of us – individuals and businesses alike – have come to recognize artificial intelligence (AI) tools as invaluable resources, that enable us to enhance our creative endeavors and streamline our workflows. From ChatGPT and Midjourney to Leonardo AI and Beta Photoshop, this article explores a subjective selection of cutting-edge AI development tools that will expand as new solutions emerge.

managing IT infrastructure
4 min read

Category: Business Insights

Best practices for managing and maintaining IT Infrastructure

An organization’s IT infrastructure plays a critical role in its operations. Without a robust and well-designed IT environment, companies would struggle to compete effectively in the market. Therefore, building and maintaining an efficient IT infrastructure requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. In this article, we will explore the key aspects to consider when designing and effectively managing IT infrastructure.

Software development quality testing
3 min read

Category: Business Insights

Quality means money – learn how to decrease development costs

Quality costs. Money, time, and resources. So why do we even bother? Because Quality is a metric that verifies if we are delivering the specified product and validating that it will satisfy users. How? Based on the testing process. Testers are the only ones that can provide you with precise info about the app.

The Omnibus Directive
7 min read

Category: Business Insights / E-Commerce

The Omnibus Directive – is a revolution in e-commerce just around the corner?

The Omnibus EU Directive has been created to impose additional disclosure obligations on sellers. The new regulations are supposed to have a positive impact on consumer rights and eliminate both ill practices related to publishing fake reviews and artificially increased prices during promotional campaigns.