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Mindful Business

The ancient practice of mindfulness is increasingly valued on both a personal and professional level and is impacting all areas of our society and culture. In the business environment, the mindful boss becomes a true leader who inspires employees, not a manager, and the mindful employee contributes to the development of mindful organizations. And such […]

10 tips to start your own business
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10 Tips to help you start your own business.

Are you planning on starting your own business? We know what you feel. We went through this sometime ago and now we want to share our knowledge with you. Here are ten tips that you should read before starting your new company. Tip #1 Start small, stay on the safe side Most businesses in early […]

Code of Honour
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Category: Business Insights / Outsourcing

Some good reasons to cooperate with the software house that sticks to its Code of Honour

The success of the project always depends on finding a reliable and trustworthy business partner. When looking at different software development companies, client must be aware that they will be working together in the next several months or even years. And that the approach, processes, skills, and experience of the software house will be responsible […]

Web Development
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What is web development like?

For the majority of people, including some of our new clients, the processes of web development and web design mean pretty much the same thing – they basically come down to drawing a website or application that looks fantastic and then uploading it to the Internet. In other words, they are looking for something that is […]

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We are Professionals with Code of Honour

In today’s ultra-competitive, high-tech, interdependent world, technology and business without awareness and character is a recipe for economic and personal failure. And if recent history teaches us anything, it is that ethics and values matter, especially in business, as many huge organizations have been destroyed and others were severely damaged by people without a moral […]

Kozaczek on WordPress
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High traffic gossip portal on WordPress – Case study

About our client The client is the editorial magazine called “Kozaczek” (Knee-Length Women’s Boot). It is one of the most recognizable gossip portals in Poland featuring celebrities. It has up to 4 million requests per day and contains more than 100 thousand posts. As a typical lifestyle content, “Kozaczek” is loaded with lots of pictures, […]