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WordPress Theme Development

Get a custom made WordPress Theme

We create our themes based on the designs you deliver. We support all of the most popular design software suites such as Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision or Miro.


Great content is not enough for a website to succeed these days. You need to wrap it in a beautifully styled layout.

There’s no better way to go about it than developing your own custom WordPress theme.

How does our WordPress theme development company work?

We pay attention to all the best practices related to frontend development:
  • correctly structured and error-free HTML code
  • clean and valid CSS
  • Sass, Bootstrap, Webpack and other tools to automate our work and save on development time
  • adhering to WordPress Codex guidelines
  • advanced JavaScript techniques (i.e. for animation or single page user experience)

Is your WordPress theme development unique?

There’s a plethora of free or cheap premium themes available on the Internet. Why should you pay for a custom made theme then? As with most things in this world, nothing is really free. You will either end up with a badly designed template or a good one, but bloated with tons of unnecessary features. Either way a premium template is a universal product that has to satisfy everyone and has only limited customization possibilities.

In custom theme development it’s all about delivering personalized and optimized experience. All our products are crafted according to the specification you send us. This allows the template to be lightweight, blazing fast and just the way you want it to work.

What is WordPress theme development like?

Wordpress Theme Design Project Mockup

When possible, and accepted by customer, we convert designs straight into mobile-first HTML/CSS markup and styling which allows us to cut a big corner and significantly decrease a project's budget. For the more demanding customers we offer the option to recreate a pixel perfect copy of the custom WordPress theme design. It increases the price but gives you an exact representation of your design in your WordPress theme.

Wordpress Theme Design Project Mockup

Four steps how we build custom WordPress theme



We accept the most popular formats Adobe XD, Firgma, InVison, PSD, Zeplin, Sktetch.



Your project undergoes a careful analysis according to our checklist. In case of a more complex project, we schedule a call with you in order to analyze the project together in details. Our goal is to make sure our developers will interpret every detail the same way your designer envisioned it.



We prepare a detailed quote for you in form of a work breakdown sheet and wait for your approval. This is also the time to agree on commencement date and delivery date for your project.



We usually divide the project into smaller pieces and present the effects step by step as they develop, so that you can submit comments and we can introduce changes as early as possible. The service undergoes final tests and is ready to be handed to you for acceptance tests.

Will my custom WordPress theme be responsive, mobile and search engine friendly?

mobile vs desktop market share

We strive to create innovative products with unrivaled customer service. We use continuous self-improvement cycle and invest in our employees’ knowledge. All of our products are made using mobile first rule and with compliance of all of the responsive web design (RWD) rules. On demand, your design can be transformed into a pixel perfect copy of your design. SCRUM allows our teams to run at the maximum efficiency and our customers to get the best value in the shortest amount of time.

Contact our WordPress Development Agency to talk about your next WordPress theme project. We will analyze your requirements and designs and quickly come back with an estimate.
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