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Case Studies

Please note that as a white label partner, we are often not permitted to disclose project details. For those presented below, we received consent, still, on some projects, the brand of the end client has been omitted.

Idea Management with WordPress
clock Project Hours: 280

Idea Management

How a WordPress plugin can help to implement Kaizen’s philosophy of continuous improvement.


The idea behind the project was to solve some internal issues regarding the company’s continuous improvement policy. The team needed a tool to master and a...

zima records
clock Project Hours: 74

ZIMA Records

Online music store as an example of a low-budget project.


Many years ago we made a store for the client based on PrestaShop. Over the years the store became old and hard to maintain. The client wanted to refresh t...

city weather sensors
clock Project Hours: 2387


A Smart City solution for local authorities: IoT platform for managing a network of distributed environmental sensors enhancing environmental monitoring.


A web application for collecting and visualizing data from weather stations, storm radars, and water level sensors. Additionally, it has a weather hazard a...


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