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Case Studies

Please note that as a white label partner, we are often not permitted to disclose project details. For those presented below, we received consent, still, on some projects, the brand of the end client has been omitted.

PrestaShop to WordPress e-commerce platform
clock Project Hours: 174

HJRG Occupational health and safety

From PrestaShop to WooCommerce Platform. Effective and functional tool to increase your sales and prompt campaigns.


The Client requested the migration of the store from PrestaShop to WooCommerce, which was followed by brand refreshment, migration of the customer base, im...

WordPress e-commerce platform


WordPress e-commerce platform for Tytan, a professional brand offering products and comprehensive systems in the field of construction chemicals.


For our client: Selena FM S.A. we have made the website tytan.com. The assumption of the project was to crea...

Changi Travel experience worldwide
clock Project Hours: 1500

Changi Travel Services

Outsourcing services for the travel industry in Singapore. How to build extended teams of developers for large clients to enhance travel experience worldwide.


Our client experienced difficulties in finding high-quality programmers in their local market not only due to the shortage of people with certain skills bu...


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