White Label Coders is not only about perfect code and interesting projects but also:

Clients from all around the world

English native speaker weekly conversations

Own Office designed by architects, specially for Coders

Headquarters in the centre of Gliwice with free parking in front of the building

Company supported by 100% Polish capital

Current offers

Marketing Coordinator

Due to the dynamic development of the company, we are looking for a person for the position: Marketing Coordinator

PHP Developer

We have good projects for experienced PHP programmers. What that means to us:

Frontend WP Developer

We have interesting tasks for an awesome Frontend WP Developer, who has:

NodeJS Developer

We have good international projects for experienced NodeJS/fullstack programmers. A good fit for us is someone who has:

JavaScript Frontend Developer

Magento Developer

Our Magento team grows systematically, so we would like to meet our new colleagues who have:

We care for our "posture" not only by using ergonomic workstations.

In order to become better and better Coders every day, here’s our Code of Honor:

  1. Make commitments prudently, with the intention of keeping them.
  2. Inform in advance if for any reason you cannot keep your commitment.
  3. Always tell the truth.
  4. Don’t stop improving your skills.
  5. Give more than you are expected.
  6. Constantly search for ways to optimize company’s workflow.
  7. Take care of the company’s image.
  8. Boldly communicate your opinion and needs, encourage others to do the same.
  9. Require compliance with the Code and humbly accept your coworkers feedback.
  10. Notice and celebrate each and every success.
We care for our "posture" not only by using ergonomic workstations.

And above all…

We like one another

That’s why we ofter eat together (lunch and tasty cakes), drink together (italian coffee, yerba mate and green tea).

We respect each other

We cooperate as teams, in order to provide products of excellent quality.

We share knowledge

We have a system for introducing new employees to the team and continuous training.

We are friends

We also meet after hours on corporate Meetups, traditional Christmas Eve dinner and informal get-togethers.

We relax

A chillout room to step away from your computer is always available.

… as a result of all this, we write great code.
Because we are CODERS!

Meet our idea of incorporating new CODERS to our team:

A face to face meeting at our headquarters

We want to get to know you, so we invite you to our office for coffee.

Sample task

Depending on the technology in which you feel comfortable, you will receive a task which allows you to show us what you can do.

A personal meeting with the team leader

This is a time to talk about how we work, expectations and our standards.

And - The first day you become CODER!

Coders will show you around the office and you’ll be given a workstation and your first challenge.

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