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what's wrong with wordpress
9 min read

Category: E-Commerce / WordPress

What is wrong with WordPress these days?

The right Content Management System is critical for success or defeat of a website. The most popular CMS today is, of course, WordPress. It’s not only free and flexible, but also easy to install. Therefore, so many websites’ developers and owners use it most often. That is all good. However, does the fact that WordPress […]

drupal vs wordpress
5 min read

Category: E-Commerce / WordPress

The battle of content management platforms: Drupal versus WordPress

In today’s digitalized world your website is one of your best assets. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and your website’s architecture is secure and tailored to your users’ comfort. Given that content is the king, it goes without saying that choosing the best content management platform is vital […]

wordpress security plugins
4 min read

Category: WordPress

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Every minute, there are 90,000 attacks on WordPress websites. And if attackers are happy enough to break security, they can perform any malicious actions, for example, scam customers of the site. Which WordPress security plugin is best for you? Below is a brief description of the three best and most popular WordPress security plugins: iThemes […]

my wordpress webiste got hacked
8 min read

Category: WooCommerce / WordPress

My WordPress website has been hacked. What should I do?

Any WordPress website could be hacked, and when it happens, you may be tempted to panic. Don’t. Calm down and just read how to: identify that your website has been hacked, take appropriate steps to clean it, make it more secure, and finally, prevent your website from being hacked again in the future. How to recognize […]

wordpress migration
5 min read

Category: WordPress

How to move a WordPress site to a new domain?

The day will come when you will need to move your WordPress website to the new domain. For sure, because it includes situations when you need to publish a site developed on the local environment, to the live hosting infrastructure. Moving a simple WordPress website to another domain or hosting is not a very complicated process. […]

50 WordPress optimization methods
5 min read

Category: WooCommerce / WordPress

50 Ways on how to optimise your WordPress based website

Over 60 million people have chosen to base their businesses on WordPress. This success isn’t determined by the system itself, rather it’s the way the websites are created, in addition to their maintenance and optimization. So how do you get more visitors and make your site be blazing fast? We’ve compiled a list of 50 […]