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what's wrong with wordpress
9 min read

Category: E-Commerce / WordPress

What is wrong with WordPress these days?

The right Content Management System is critical for success or defeat of a website. The most popular CMS today is, of course, WordPress. It’s not only free and flexible, but also easy to install. Therefore, so many websites’ developers and owners use it most often. That is all good. However, does the fact that WordPress […]

drupal vs wordpress
5 min read

Category: E-Commerce / WordPress

The battle of content management platforms: Drupal versus WordPress

In today’s digitalized world your website is one of your best assets. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and your website’s architecture is secure and tailored to your users’ comfort. Given that content is the king, it goes without saying that choosing the best content management platform is vital […]

WooCommerce vs Shopify
3 min read

Category: E-Commerce

Shopify vs WooCommerce the ultimate comparison

Comparing Shopify to WooCommerce is in a way like comparing Apple to Microsoft, both are leaders in their fields with different approaches to tackle the same problem. Let’s compare these two, but leave the decision which one comes on top to you, the reader. WooCommerce is a powerful ecommerce plugin for WordPress. While calling it […]

WordPress or Magento
6 min read

Category: E-Commerce

E-commerce. WordPress or Magento?

Everyone may be a little overwhelmed when starting a website with eCommerce functionalities because of the variety of options available on the market. There are two main competitors in the open source world: WordPress (with WooCommerce plug-in) and Magento. As a matter of fact, WooCommerce has a 22% share in all eCommerce web-solutions, while Magento […]

WordPress for E-commerce
3 min read

Category: E-Commerce / WooCommerce / WordPress

Can WordPress be used for ecommerce?

What is the success story behind many online businesses? And why do some of them flourish while others just bite the dust? In fact, their success is the result of a combination of a well thought-out business strategy, great products, a user-friendly shop interface, and high-quality product pages. And even though creating a great web-store […]

well positioned website
3 min read

Category: Business Insights

Well positioned website? Fast one!

Creating a website with WordPress you can choose many different paths. Three typical ways are: creating a custom coded template utilizing Gutenberg, using Visual Composer in a template, or a fully editable template like Divi. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. In this post we will focus on one important aspect – the site speed. […]