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How to migrate system?
6 min read

Category: Software Engineering

How Do You Migrate Systems?

Well-prepared system migrations can go smoothly and exactly as planned, or just the opposite, they can go sideways. They can take minutes, or they may drag on for hours or even days. In the worst case, everybody involved is unhappy and the system is frozen. Read the article to find out: Examples of system migration […]

Progressive Web Application
6 min read

Category: Software Engineering

Are You Ready for a Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

Progressive web applications (PWA) have really changed the way we use the Internet today. Push notifications, offline websites and extremely fast load times are just a few most important benefits of progressive web applications, which users appreciate the most. Progressive web applications are also a popular topic at technology conferences, especially those organized by Google. […]

how to prepare design for web development
4 min read

Category: Software Engineering

12 Tips on how to prepare your design for web development

Admit it or not, we simply judge things based on their look. And that goes for websites design too. If you make them look and function well, as designers and developers try to do, people are going to trust the content more. That’s how things are. Communication between designers and developers is crucial for every […]

responsive web design
7 min read

Category: Software Engineering

What is responsive web design?

For some years now, smartphones and tablets have been conquering the market and gaining great popularity. Mobile devices are now not only used to communicate with other users, as was the case a few years ago, but they are a necessary tool used every day for shopping, paying bills, surfing the web, etc. Therefore, responsive […]

standarizing structural design
4 min read

Category: Business Insights / Software Engineering

What are the benefits of standardizing structural design work?

Key issues in the steel detailing industry A steel detailer produces detailed drawings for fabricators and erectors of steel works. The detailer prepares detailed plans, drawings and other documents for the manufacture and erection of steel frameworks (columns, beams, braces, etc.). used in the structure of buildings, bridges, industrial plans, and the like. ANNEX GROUP […]