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Some good reasons to cooperate with the software house that sticks to its Code of Honour

Code of Honour
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The success of the project always depends on finding a reliable and trustworthy business partner. When looking at different software development companies, client must be aware that they will be working together in the next several months or even years. And that the approach, processes, skills, and experience of the software house will be responsible for the success or failure of the project.

Therefore, choosing the right software house – with a team of hard-working specialists, who have the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to deliver the really good solution on time – is the most critical factor on the road to success of the outsourced project.

So what is essential in this type of partnership? What is the most important thing to pay attention to before establishing a trusting business relationship?

The most important factor in any business relationship is… the Trust

Trust, honesty, and respect are undeniably the most important factors in every relationship, including the business one. They enable the creation of a positive and healthy environment for the implementation of even the most complicated projects. Everything is possible if the cooperating parties trust and respect each other.

This is all the more true because in today’s complicated world. More and more companies use personal data to create, deliver, and improve their products and services. Every website and every application means access to the vast amount of personal data that can be used inappropriately. They have become an essential part of business. And the more companies use personal information for their business, the greater the risk of its misuse.

In addition, more and more cases of unethical and/or illegal coding have been reported worldwide, leaving the question of who is responsible unresolved. Is the website or application owner responsible for suspicious practices or is it a software house and its software developers? For this reason, trust is one of the most important components of a business relationship. And if it fails – regardless of whether the code was developed in-house or by the software development company – it can cost you credibility with your clients and investors. And a lot of money, of course.

That is why, when you choose a software development company, you have to choose the company you trust. And to trust it, you have to overcome the fear of not knowing what the values of the software house are.

The backbone of the White Label Coders is our Code of Honour. And although in most cases we know intuitively what the right thing to do is. We personally know what it means to act with integrity, we have described in the Code of Honour what it means for White Label Coders. Our Code defines acceptable conduct, sets out our standards and responsibilities, and provides a foundation for our professional activities.

Choose the Trust and Integrity

Trust and integrity are two essential attributes of the best software development company. As trust and honesty can ensure that there are no problems during the project implementation. And while business ethics is never just black and white, each software house and developer have their own values and codes, which allows them to judge their decisions and actions during a website or application development process.

Choose the Reliability, Quality, and Professionalism

The reliability of the business partners has a direct influence on the success of every project. So if the software house expresses a reliable approach to project execution, shows a real concern for project quality, and delivers all milestones of the project on time, it could be a real win and a game-changing asset for the Client.

And let us remember: prevention is better than cure. So do not hesitate to choose trustworthy professionals for whom ethical issues and their Code of Honour are of great importance. But at the same time be smart and check us out. For example at Clutch.

Agata Kędzierska-Zawisza

Senior Marketing Manager

Agata takes overall responsibility for our marketing strategy including brand management and corporate identity. She is responsible for designing and managing the company’s website and developing the content marketing strategy for the company that goes in line with company objectives. Agata coordinates and creates our marketing campaigns and makes us visible! She is a manager with passion and engagement.

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