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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote?

Each project has a dedicated Product Owner. You’ll always have direct access to them, and a big part of their job is to make sure our relationship with you is just as you’d like it.
They are responsible for understanding everything about the requirements and your needs, as well as keeping you informed and discussing things as we progress.

If you’re doing multiple projects with us (either in sequence or in parallel) in most cases it will be the same Product Manager, because why wouldn’t it be!

Do I need a finished design to get a quote?

No, we can provide you with a pre-sales support, at the stage when no designs are ready yet. It is important to note though, that design can change a lot in terms of amount of work required to implement a website. So typically, at this phase we will be able to provide just a ballpark number, or range, which will need to be confirmed once all the project details are fixed.

Which design file formats do you accept?

Our team can work virtually with any type of source files, including PSD, Sketch, as well as modern platforms like Adobe-XD, Figma, Invision, Zeplin. We prefer dedicated platforms, as they provide additional tools to export assets, or comment on individual UX elements, which can speed up our work and ensure better communication between the development and design teams. You will also find a set of nice tips in our article about web development.

How does the communication work?

Each project has a dedicated Product Owner and a Lead Developer. You’ll always have direct access to them, as a big part of their job is to make sure our relationship with you is just as you’d like it.

They are responsible for understanding everything about the requirements and your needs, as well as keeping you informed and discussing things as we progress.

What communication tools do you use?

Our team is familiar with many different project management and communication tools, and we tend to adopt to needs of our customers. The most common set of tools include Slack for instant communication and Trello for task management.

What is your core tech stack?

his is a broad topic and we typically discuss it in details with our partner at the beginning of our cooperation.
List of tools and technologies we use include:
– Custom JS: Angular, Node.JS, NestJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Docker, Git
– WordPress: WordPress, PHP, WooCommrece, MySQL, Docker, Git
– Custom PHP: Yii2, Symfony, Laravel, MySQl, PostgreeSQL, Docker, Git

Are the projects fixed-price, or do you charge time & material?

Most of our projects are fixed-price. Naturally, we can only do that when we have a full, detailed brief and final designs. Sometimes this just isn’t possible, or a client prefers to work in a highly agile, iterative manner. So, we can do time & material if you prefer.

We also sometimes charge time& material, where you simply need a bit of technical consulting, perhaps to create some ballpark pricing, think through technical options, or to help nail a brief in detail. Similarily, small tasks typical for ongoing maintenance can be more easily managed in T&M model, as estimating and confirming a task for 30 minutes of work can take more than accomplishing the task itself.

Read more about our battle proven cooperation models.

Do I have to commit to a certain minimum amount of work each month?

Not at all! You hire us only when you have work for us, and it doesn’t matter how small the project or task is either.

What are the payment terms?

Payment shall be made by Client within 7 days upon receipt of an invoice.

Fixed Price
Client shall pay White Label Coders for the Services in the amounts and at the time set out according to the Milestone Deliverables agreed upon an Order, or if the Order does not state the payment schedule, White Label Coders charges 50% upfront payment before commencing work, and the remaining 50% upon full project completion.

Hourly Price
The Client shall pay White Label Coders for the Services in the amounts and at the time set out according to a time and material Order, which is either Biweekly, Weekly, Monthly or When Work Done (for small tasks less than a week), according to the details agreed upon an Order. If it becomes necessary to provide the Services on days other than ordinary working days or out of the regular working hours of the White Label Coders’ office (8.00 – 16.00 CEST), the following rules of rate calculation apply:

a) for work on Saturdays – 150% of the rate
b) for work on week-days out of the standard working hours: 150% of the rate
c) for work on Sundays and holidays in Poland: 200% of the rate
d) unless a different way of settling remuneration for the referred to days specified in an Order is agreed.

Hourly Prepaid Plans
The Client shall pay White Label Coders for the Prepaid Hourly Plan Services up front and in the amounts set out in an Order for upfront payment, which is either Bi-weekly, Weekly, or Monthly. Unused hours from a billing period are not transferred to the next billing period.

Do you sign NDAs?

Yes, we typically sign an NDA at the beginning of our cooperation.

Where do your staff come from?

Our team comprises full-time employees only, working directly from our offices in Gliwice, Poland or from their own homes. We don’t use freelancers.

Do you provide site maintenance and SLAs?

Yes we do! We can tailor this to your individual needs in terms of all the usual aspects: hours, coverage, service level, response times etc.

How complex are your projects, typically?

We deliver projects spanning a broad range of complexity. At the simpler end, we build brand sites with a handful of integrations. In the middle, we build componentized publishing systems with thousands of pages. At the complex end, we build multilingual ecommerce stores with 40,000 products enterprise-level integrations.

Because we follow development best practices and are also experts in the selected technologies we work with (WordPress, Node, Angular, PHP), everything we do is performant, scalable, easy to maintain, secure, accessible, and beautifully responsive.

Check our case study!

How do you test websites?

Ensuring high quality of each project is very important to us. For a more complete description of our testing routines please read the article on our blog about testing before deployment.

How do you handle WordPress best practices?

We constantly strive to train our team to use best development practices. Over the years we have developed a set of best practices in WordPress development workflow . Our team handles regular retro and training meetings, as well as code review to ensure the knowledge exchange between individual developers.

Do you prefer to make custom-built WordPress or use premium themes?

If you ask this question to any senior-level developer, you will hear only one answer – custom built template allows for better site optimization, faster page loading and higher security. This does not mean we refuse to work with premium templates. We understand that in case of budget projects using a premium template can be the only way to go.

Do you offer web design services?

No, we focus only on the technical side of web development. Having said that, we’ll be happy to recommend one of our UI/UX partners if you have needs in this field.

What is White Label Development?

Providing white label services means developing a ready-made, licensed software by one company and rebranding it by another company, to make it appear as their own. The concept seems quite clear. You can learn more about what the white label agency can really do for its business partners in our article titled “What is a white label agency”

What are your working hours?

We normally work Monday to Friday, starting from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm CET.

Do you work with other CMS than WordPress?

No, our strategy is to be experts in one technology. Thanks to such a narrow specialization you can bet on us with even the most complicated projects based on WordPress or WooCommerce.

What is the typical turnaround time for a project?

We typically are able to start a new project up to two weeks from the initial notice.

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