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how designers and developer collaborate
7 min read

Category: Business Insights / Software Engineering

How designers and developers collaborate?

A set of tips on how to streamline the cooperation. There are always inconsistencies in design and code. Designer and developer collaboration is usually a difficult thing. This is not due to a lack of skills, but rather the way designers and developers work. Luckily, there are some ways to make them working together and […]

best workflow practicies
6 min read

Category: Outsourcing

Best workflow practices when hiring white label agency

To stay competitive, many digital agencies will want their offer to be as broad as possible. Making this possible on their own is next to impossible due to the astounding scale of resources needed to hire, train and retain an ever growing team of top tier IT professionals. One way to tackle this problem is […]

Scrum & Agile
6 min read

Category: Business Insights

What is scrum in agile methodology? “Scrum your team” & satisfy your client!

A company running an IT project for a customer must complete it efficiently; within a specified time and budget. Working out an effective implementation of excellent teamwork standards allows you to focus on achieving the goal. It guarantees the clear rules of cooperation providing WordPress development services. The Scrum methodology in the WordPress coders team […]

WordPress Development Workflow
8 min read

Category: WordPress

The WordPress development workflow – the best practices

The purpose of this article is to describe how we work on WordPress Development at White Label Coders, and provide an inspiration for everyone who currently is seeking for good practices to follow and setup his own way of working with WordPress site. It is important to say, that we work with many agencies and […]

programming best praciticies
7 min read

Category: Business Insights

Best Practices, Budgets and Deadlines – Have Your Cake and Eat it too

What are good programming best practices and are they worth following in a project? The subject of best practices has already been extensively described in the articles on SOLID, KISS and automatic testing. However, the question remains as to whether, and to what extent, the application of these procedures affects the timing and complexity of […]