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Start your next WooCommerce store! Setting up an e‑commerce website on WordPress.

WooCommerce is the reigning e-commerce champion and the perfect complement to WordPress, as it comes in the form of a WP plugin. It’s a powerful tool with great scalability that allows it to run just as good with a small online shop as with a high traffic e-commerce portal.


WooCommerce is sometimes neglected when it comes to e-commerce platforms, although it gives a variety of options to build even more sophisticated solutions.

WooCommerce implementation

We offer complete service of scoping, developing and deploying e‑commerce platforms based on WordPress and WooCommerce. WLC gathers all the data needed to offer a complete solution.

For example:
  • Expected number of products to be added
  • Will there be product variants and substitutes
  • Expected traffic and number of transactions per day
  • Which payment gateways should be integrated
  • What shipping methods should be available
e-commerce developed on WooCommerce

With all the data at hand, we are able to approximate the full cost of the project and offer you a fixed price budget.

Turn your designs into a WordPress Theme
Send us your designs and watch the magic happen as we turn flat text, vectors and images into a customizable website. We support different formats.
WooCommerce development with White Label Coders?
WooCommerce has been with us since day one. Therefore, we are veterans of WordPress e‑commerce implementations.

We have all the required know how to offer you a complete solution consisting of WordPress theme creation, WooCommerce configuration, choosing and implementing the right plugins and creating custom front end or backend functionalities.

We put a lot of effort into making our code impeccable:
  • host daily code review meetings
  • develop a strong quality assurance team
  • our websites run without a hiccup right from the start
  • our code is optimized both for SEO and Page Speed Index – both of which translate to high traffic
Let’s talk about your next
WooCommerce based e‑commerce project
Is WordPress with WooCommerce a good solution for e‑commerce?

WooCommerce is a dedicated WordPress plugin that allows you to run an internet shop. The core plugin gives you already all the tools necessary to start your next e‑commerce platform. You get everything from adding and managing your shop’s products and their technical parameters (such as variant, color or size), photos and descriptions. And the whole WooCommerce ecosystem includes hundreds of plugins, which allow you to extend the platform with even the most sophisticated functionality.

WooCommerce allows you to build a complete sales workflow with elements like:
  • Products browsing and filtering
  • Adding products to cart
  • Cart management
  • Checkout
  • Payment with integrated merchant (for example Stripe)

If there is something WooCommerce cannot do in standard, there’s probably already three plugins that cover the issue. These vary in function and include integration with courier companies and ERP systems, automated mailing systems, product calculators, offer generators and much more. The key here is to find the right company that will bootstrap for you all the components you need and deploy it as a beautiful and coherent e‑commerce platform.

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