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WordPress for E-commerce
5 min read

Category: E-Commerce / WooCommerce / WordPress

Can WordPress be used for e-commerce?

What is the success story behind many online businesses? Why do some of them flourish, gaining new customers and expanding year by year, while others just bite the dust? In fact, success in e-commerce is often the result of a combination of a well-thought-out business strategy, great products, a user-friendly shop interface with high-quality product […]

WooCommerce possibilities and limitations
6 min read

Category: WooCommerce / WordPress

How complex can WooCommerce be?

While there are many great options for ecommerce website owners, WooCommerce is undoubtedly the most popular choice. It currently powers 28% of all online stores. Woo makes it relatively easy to get up a store and it’s, of course, a great solution for small shops. But at the same time, WooCommerce is exceptionally extensible and […]

wordpress security plugins
5 min read

Category: WordPress

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Every minute, there are 90,000 attacks on WordPress websites. And if attackers are happy enough to break security, they can perform any malicious actions, for example, scam customers of the site. Which WordPress security plugin is best for you? Below is a brief description of the three best and most popular WordPress security plugins: iThemes […]

WordPress Plugins
5 min read

Category: WooCommerce / WordPress

What WordPress plugins do I need?

WordPress is not only flexible, but also a full-fledged content management system that can be used to create websites and webshops in a variety of shapes and sizes. WordPress plugins make it possible to sell products on a WordPress site or develop an advanced ecommerce shop with even more features to create a great customer […]

wordpress custom plugins
2 min read

Category: WordPress

New Custom Plugins for WordPress Developed by White Label Coders Team

WhiteLabelCoders has a dedicated WordPress development team, who have an excellent command of this framework. We believe that specialization is the key to reaching the highest level of expertise in any field. Our experience with WordPress allows us to successfully carry out: – complete WordPress website setup and development – WooCommerce setup and development – […]