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WordPress Security and Speed Audit

We offer complete servicing of WordPress based websites and shops

With over 60% of market share, WordPress is still the cornerstone of the modern internet. This scalable content management system is chosen by both small local companies and international corporations.

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Being the biggest on the market also makes it the most vulnerable to attacks as hackers tend to choose the biggest target possible to infect as many websites as they can. That’s why it’s crucial to service your WordPress regularly. Best way to approach this topic is to contact WordPress Specialists.

WordPress Security and Speed Audit

Unattended WordPress instances are prone to automated hacked attacks exploiting security gaps of obsolete or deprecated plugins and themes.
Many of the WP users simply lack the right knowledge to operate their websites in a safe manner. Our security specialists will audit your website using their extensive experience combined with our dedicated checklists.

During WLC Security and Speed Audtit, among others, we look for:

  • Plugins and themes not updated in long time
  • Hosting company reputation
  • Usage of nulled themes and plugins
  • Presence of security plugins
  • Password and security policies
  • Presence of SSL certificate and usage of HTTPS protocol
  • Quality of custom code
  • Page Speed Index
  • SEO optimization
Contact us to keep your WordPress websites safe and fast.

How it works?

Take a look on our WordPress Audit specification

When it comes to WordPress we have seen it all. Thanks to that we have a scenario for every possible issue. Database leak? Admin account hacked? Corrupted plugins? Poor performance? Hit us with anything and we will fix everything in no time. Our flexible offer comes with proactive actions that minimize the risk of failure occurring.

Let our experts audit your WordPress website

White Label Coders is a complete WordPress development and support company. Our security experts are at your disposal to audit your website and present you their findings. We will check for errors, inconsistencies and security gaps in your WP content management system. Audit will be followed by a quotation for security and speed improvements that can be administered and for removal of viruses and malware.

Contact us and tell us about your problem, we will dispatch a security expert to audit your website and come back to you with and estimate.


We also have experience with managing large scale implementations (multisite, platforms on cloud autoscaling infrastructure, etc.), where a dedicated Devops and QA processes become very important in order to maintain high traffic, business critical websites, and limit downtime to the absolute minimum.

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WordPress Security Audit

Most customers believe that WordPress is secure. And in general, that’s true, however, there are several important good practices that you should follow to ensure the highest possible security level of your WordPress installation. In fact, many website owners go years without even checking their website security status, or even properly updating WordPress core and installed plugins. No wonder hackers find them easy to hack. If you want to ensure that your WordPress website is secure, a WordPress security audit is your way to go.

We offer complete servicing of WordPress-based websites and shops

The cost of not having a fully optimized WordPress-based site or e-commerce platform may be nothing but painful. During the pandemic, we have all shifted to digital communication and most of us moved some parts of the business online. E-commerce websites have been booming and so have security loopholes, and malware infections. It became mandatory to ensure that an e-commerce website is secure and fully optimized, in accordance with all necessary security measures. Without solutions like two-factor authentication or activity log check, you may even be ranked lower in the search results, making it more difficult for potential customers to find you online.

WordPress Security Audit – how do we do it?

The time needed to perform a complete WordPress security audit depends on the size of your website. During the audit, we thoroughly review your website security, starting from evaluation of your security plugin (we perform a malware scan, check firewall and login protection, verify activity log, etc.). We examine your admin setup and remove unused plugins that are installed and active. We also clean up any redundant or unnecessary code and third-party libraries if necessary. The last steps are the evaluation of your current hosting provider, checking users who have FTP access, and verification of your WordPress hardening measures.

WordPress Speed Audit – because page speed is important, too

Nobody likes waiting. And you never have a chance to make a second first impression. Your WordPress site’s loading speed has a huge impact on whether a user wants to visit it, browse, and come back later. 25% of users (according to Google Statistics) admit that they abandon a website if it doesn’t load in four seconds. The loading speed also affects your position in the Google search engine. Fast-loading websites are ranked higher in the SERPs. Thus, they attract more visitors. This is why our WordPress security audit also includes a website speed test. We use a wide variety of tools to check if the content loads quickly enough and if there are any errors or mistakes done during the development phase that contribute to slowing down your website. Those may be unused CSS code, heavy images, and non-browser-friendly format, etc. Our website security audit is the best way to tangibly measure your site’s speed and track any improvements.

What is a WordPress security audit?

At White Label Coders, we master the WordPress security audit process. Simply speaking, a WordPress security audit is checking your website security for signs of security loopholes, malware infection, brute force, and security threats. We look for suspicious activity and perform a malware scan. We also look for an unusual drop in performance. If we find anything suspicious, we isolate, remove, and fix it. Depending on the specific website complexity and importance from the business perspective, we recommend a professional WordPress security audit to be performed every half of the year or even more frequently, followed by regular WordPress core and plugins updates. Such a routine allows you to stay on top of everything and get rid of any WordPress security vulnerabilities up to speed. We use both automated tools and human intelligence to make sure your WordPress site is free of any security threats.

Why is it important to conduct regular security audits on your website?

Very often, our customers ask why it is crucial to perform a website security audit regularly. The most important reasons are the following:

  1. an audit is a way to check your page speed – customers find it frustrating to wait for a website to load. It can even lead to a drop in ranking on search engines. An audit allows you to check what is making the loading speed too long.
  2. it defines WordPress security vulnerabilities that usually come from outdated software. Your site must be up to date with plugins and themes, otherwise, your site is wide open to malware infection and hackers. An audit finds the security loopholes in the system.
  3. it’s relevant for SEO optimization – a low page rank on Google equals severe damage to your business. If you want your customers to find your site quickly and easily, optimize your website with the necessary adjustments. Our WordPress security audit is a great way to spot potential SEO improvements.
  4. A malware infection can have a severe impact on your SEO/SEM strategy as well. Google tends to block Ads campaigns targeted at an infected website. You can also quickly lose hard-earned search positions, and re-building your original site reputation can take months.
  5. The consequences of a hack of an unsecured site in the case of an e-commerce website can be even higher, as the attacker may try to inject malicious code meant i.e. to hijack credit card numbers or personal data of your customers.

Let our experts do a WordPress Security Audit for your site!

Speed, security, function – there are many things that matter when it comes to your website. If any of them fails or lacks quality, customers will not think too highly of your company. Your WordPress site should work perfectly if you want your business to skyrocket. And this is something our experienced experts do best. We will help you point out your weak points and fix them so that everything functions better and faster. On top of defining security threats, we will also identify basic usability flaws which can impact your conversion ratios (however our audit is not meant as a complete UI/UX audit).

How do we perform a WordPress Security Audit? Take a look at the sample audit

Here are the steps we take to perform your website security audit:

  1. We make sure all WordPress core software, plugins, and themes are up to date. Security loopholes that result from outdated software are potential security threats. Updates are crucial for the stability of your site.  
  2. We check user accounts and passwords to verify whether there are any suspicious user accounts out there. Also, we verify the hosting company’s reputation.
  3. We check if the SSL certificate is present, as well as the usage of HTTPS protocol.
  4. We run a WordPress malware scan to find any potential WordPress security vulnerabilities.
  5. We check your website analytics and WordPress backups – site analytics is a good indicator of the website’s health. A WordPress backup ensures that you always have a backup available in case anything goes wrong.
  6. We verify the quality of custom code. The last steps are Page Speed Index.

Why do WordPress security audits work?

Conducting regular WordPress security audits is a significant part of running an online business. Some people don’t pay attention to website security until malware infection or brute force directly affects them. Website security audit allows you to review your policies and strengthen them – it is less likely that your WordPress website will be hacked. An audit helps you avoid missing any glaring security issues. It is necessary if you want to regularly find and patch WordPress security vulnerabilities while there is time. Otherwise, hackers may delete all your data, sell it on the dark web, inject spam into the pages of your WordPress site, or even steal the credit card info of your customers.

Do you have more questions about the WordPress security audit? Contact us!

A properly conducted WordPress security audit, followed by applying all the resulting recommendations, can help protect your business for a long time. We’ll be happy to help you perform a tailor-made website security check of your site and get rid of security threats!

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