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Short description

Full-Site Editing WordPress implementation and SEO optimization for a software development agency.

Time Period

Project Hours: 450

Main technology
WLC Netcorp software development


Netcorp.ee is an Estonian enterprise that specializes in creating and leasing software development teams for outsourcing in the Scandinavian market. They sought our expertise to facilitate their website’s migration to WordPress and enhance its online visibility to reach potential clients searching for solutions on the Internet.


In addition to the migration, we chose to integrate WordPress’ Full-Site Editing features to streamline website management. It allowed Netcorp to customize the appearance of posts and pages, and change the aesthetics of their blog, archive, 404 page, header, and footer. Moreover, the consistency of the back-end and front-end interfaces simplifies modifications and verifications, even for novice editors. This feature is particularly crucial for Netcorp, as their primary service, Staff Augmentation, requires maximizing the number of developers available for outsourcing. Diverting their attention to editing the website would detract from client engagement and, consequently, revenue generation.
We also enhanced their website based on Google’s latest recommendations to ensure compatibility with Core Web Vitals experiences. This optimization significantly improved the SEO performance, leading Netcorp to achieve higher result rankings than their competitors with suboptimal performance.


We adopted a mobile-first approach to the website development. Various objects, which were displayed in a swipe layout on mobile devices, were reformatted to the intended responsive grid. We invested considerable effort in optimizing the code for the mobile version of the website. For instance, CSS carousels were used instead of JavaScript ones for some sliders to enhance performance.
The project involved a multitude of additional decorations that appeared or disappeared in different versions. We utilized CSS Grid to place elements in RWD, preventing the need to duplicate images or text boxed and disrupt them at appropriate breakpoints.
Our primary objective was to establish patterns using only native WordPress blocks. However, for the blog section, we had to create a block containing additional information and features, such as category buttons and category filters. A unique feature was a map that displayed the locations of Netcorp’s retained clients, created solely using CSS. This contributed to increasing efficiency in Google Page Speed results. We also integrated a feature that identifies the country of potential clients and provides the corresponding dialing code to facilitate communication. The website was founded on the lazy loading of images, which further improved SEO results.

Netcorp software development


Netcorp specializes in providing software development outsourcing services from Poland, Ukraine, and Estonia. They cater to clients in Scandinavia, Central Europe, and the USA, offering top-quality services. Establish in 2011, Netcorp aims to make quality outsourcing and nearshoring accessible to growth-oriented companies.

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