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We are Professionals with Code of Honour

In today’s ultra-competitive, high-tech, interdependent world, technology and business without awareness and character is a recipe for economic and personal failure. And if recent history teaches us anything, it is that ethics and values matter, especially in business, as many huge organizations have been destroyed and others were severely damaged by people without a moral […]

Headless WordPress
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Category: WordPress

To have the cake and eat it too – Headless WordPress

So we did it – we have learned how to take all advantages of the most popular CMS with the benefits of static sites it offers. “Why to do so?” you may ask. The answer is simple: because static sites are safe, very fast (no backend code!), and generally easier to maintain. On the other […]

Kozaczek on WordPress
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Category: Business Insights / WordPress

High traffic gossip portal on WordPress – Case study

About our client The client is the editorial magazine called “Kozaczek” (Knee-Length Women’s Boot). It is one of the most recognizable gossip portals in Poland featuring celebrities. It has up to 4 million requests per day and contains more than 100 thousand posts. As a typical lifestyle content, “Kozaczek” is loaded with lots of pictures, […]

well positioned website
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Category: Business Insights

Well positioned website? Fast one!

Creating a website with WordPress you can choose many different paths. Three typical ways are: creating a custom coded template utilizing Gutenberg, using Visual Composer in a template, or a fully editable template like Divi. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. In this post we will focus on one important aspect – the site speed. […]

Scrum & Agile
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Category: Business Insights

What is scrum in agile methodology? “Scrum your team” & satisfy your client!

A company running an IT project for a customer must complete it efficiently; within a specified time and budget. Working out an effective implementation of excellent teamwork standards allows you to focus on achieving the goal. It guarantees the clear rules of cooperation providing WordPress development services. The Scrum methodology in the WordPress coders team […]