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What is web development like?

Web Development
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For the majority of people, including some of our new clients, the processes of web development and web design mean pretty much the same thing – they basically come down to drawing a website or application that looks fantastic and then uploading it to the Internet.

In other words, they are looking for something that is essentially a kind of business art, that captures most of their expectations, efforts, and attention. And we understand that, which is why we take our time to transform artistic and business ideas into a functional reality.

So what does web development really mean?

Put it simply. Web development means creating an engine, that works efficiently and smoothly under the hood of a beautiful and shiny new website or web application.

It means designing, building, and maintaining websites and web applications. It means delivering Internet websites as well as intranet sites, developing software, databases, and coding part of a website (called the back-end) and sometimes also the design and interface (called the front-end). Providing back-end and front-end solutions are called full-stack development.

The main focus of web development is always on creating consistent and efficient web code, applications and services. It is the process of developing a code that allows the website to load correctly regardless of the  system or browser used, the code that processes online e-commerce procedures and transactions, collects leads or downloads digital documents. In other words, it is something that no one wants to see, but what should not be ignored when choosing the right web development partner.

So why is choosing the right web development partner so important?

Web developers can make the website a success, or a failure

Even if the beautiful design and layout of a website or application is the first things you notice, it is the compatibility, functionality, and loading time that can ultimately make it successful and profitable or a failure.

Web development can provide a competitive advantage over competitors

Anyone can easily buy a great and well-designed website or a theme. There are also many art designers who can make it look fantastic on a screen. But more important are its functionalities, applications, and unique solutions that are difficult to duplicate and to keep up with. That is why good web development is not just a competitive advantage, but it is a business necessity that is hard to take away.

What does web development mean to us?

To us, web development means that we take it seriously. It means having extensive programming background and skills, updating them on a regular basis, and having the curiosity and courage to experiment with a wide range of tools and technologies.

We know that web development is a trully demanding discipline. We have to be experts in every aspect of it – from WordPress and Magento, through HTML, Java Script, PHP and CSS, to Angular 5, Node JS, Express JS, TypeScript, testing, version control, and performance optimization – to create and deliver truly great, stable, and  efficient websites and web applications with new features and cross-browser  compatibility.

So what does web development mean to us? It means making the real difference.


CEO / Team Leader

Serial entrepreneur in the IT industry. Former coder, graduated from Silesian University of Technology. His strong technical background coming from the former programming career, combined with business analysis skills and real-life business development experience, based on an 18-years track record as an entrepreneur, blends into a mixture of competences extremely helpful on a leadership position he holds in WLC.

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