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code of honour
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Category: Business Insights

We are Professionals with Code of Honour

In today’s ultra-competitive, high-tech, interdependent world, technology and business without awareness and character is a recipe for economic and personal failure. And if recent history teaches us anything, it is that ethics and values matter, especially in business, as many huge organizations have been destroyed and others were severely damaged by people without a moral […]

Scrum & Agile
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Category: Business Insights

What is scrum in agile methodology? “Scrum your team” & satisfy your client!

A company running an IT project for a customer must complete it efficiently; within a specified time and budget. Working out an effective implementation of excellent teamwork standards allows you to focus on achieving the goal. It guarantees the clear rules of cooperation providing WordPress development services. The Scrum methodology in the WordPress coders team […]

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Category: Software Engineering

Code Reviews – Putting the “Team” in Teamwork

The quality of the code defines the final effect of the completed project for the client. Regardless of the complexity of the project, software development can be divided into specific pieces of functionality, which ultimately make up the whole – business effect recommended by the client: online store, website, order management platform, game creation system, […]