Code Reviews – Putting the “Team” in Teamwork

Code Reviews – Putting the “Team” in Teamwork

The quality of the code defines the final effect of the completed project for the client. Regardless of the complexity of the project, software development can be divided into specific pieces of functionality, which ultimately make up the whole – business effect recommended by the client: online store, website, order management platform, game creation system, application …

Writing high quality code for basic functionalities in WhiteLabelCoders, involves following best practices in regards to code review.

This means staging your programming work and reviewing every part of the code written, done by a colleague with the team.  Coder review is an ongoing practice of any of our teams’ projects.

Tomek – developer: “When I finish programming a specific functionality in a project, I provide it with the code on the GitLab platform. There, Kuba checks the code, describes his remarks, proposes changes or checks off on it. My code shouldn’t be longer than 100 lines, with a large project having as many as 300 total requests.

If the evaluation of the work done on the code is positive, the code is further developed with another element of functionality. If, however, our “reviewer” has comments, the code needs to be corrected in accordance with the comments and again be submitted for confirmation.

Kuba – developer: “By checking Tom’s code I can detect some errors or problems that the code may generate, if there’s any doubt I leave a comment, asking for an explanation or for the improvement of a few lines. The code reviewer doesn’t need to know the details of the functionality, well-written code is readily apparent and can be read like a book. “

At the end of the project build, full testing is necessary. It can happen that despite breaking the work into stages and reviewing the code at each stage, something is off. What then? This is where the human touch is irreplaceable – we run functional testing.

Martyna – tester: “Because reviewing the entire code is difficult, I test the entire system from the user’s side, looking for errors in regards to the customer’s requirements.” Finding the problem on the “front” end is easier than finding a problem in the code itself and deleting it. “

To sum up: thanks to our team-based code review method, everybody wins:

– the code quality is checked at individual stages, improved upon, and finding and eliminating errors is easier than sorting through the project’s finished code.

– the team cooperates with each other and communicates throughout the whole project, evaluates each other’s work, shares their experiences and affects the success of the project together

– the customer receives a great product within the most efficient time of production.

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Tomasz Pławecki Programmer