Can WordPress be used for ecommerce?

Can WordPress be used for ecommerce?

What is the success story behind many online businesses? And why do some of them flourish while others just bite the dust? In fact, their success is the result of a combination of a well thought-out business strategy, great products, a user-friendly shop interface, and high-quality product pages. And even though creating a great web-store can take some time, if you do it really well, it dramatically improves your chances of outperforming the competition.

The great way to build an fully functional and elegant web-shop is WordPress. And although WordPress was originally designed to make it easier to create online blogs, its technology has improved over the years. Today WordPress is a full-fledged content management system that can be used to develop great websites and e-commerce shops.

How to build an ecommerce website with WordPress?

There are more and more options for building an online store every year. You can choose SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms like, for example, Shopify, flexible and scalable ecommerce platforms like Magento, and you can create your own fully functional online store with WordPress and its powerful themes and plugins.

It is something magical that thanks to a handy little plugin you can sell your own products online and make money. The more WordPress ecommerce plugins and themes not only offer the same features and functionalities as SaaS products, but you get also excellent support, friendly online communities, and access to the world’s easiest content management system. 

Plugins for WordPress e-commerce

WordPress plugins are pieces of a code. And let us be clear, plugins are the easiest way to create web-shops for different products, embed virtual shopping carts, and install the payment system that allows your e-shop to process payments and match payments up with the purchased products.

The main functionalities of plugins are:

  • customization of the product pages,
  • payment gateways,
  • additional functions for shopping carts and checkouts,
  • integration of shipping carriers with online shops,
  • search engines and product filters,
  • navigation improvements,
  • integration with tax software,
  • partner and affiliate programs,
  • loyalty and membership programs for retail customers,
  • and many, many more

One of the best and most popular plugins for WordPress is WooCommerce by Automattic. WooCommerce is a free ecommerce plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. Not only does it offer functionalities, versatility, and ease of use, but it also has the thriving online community. As a result the WooCommerce platform provides all the features necessary to be a optimization-friendly, reliable solution that helps start-ups, new businesses and online shops to manage online activities and growth.

In fact, many SEO experts claim that WooCommerce is the best user-friendly platform ever created, because it automates the deletion of duplicate content, which is a significant problem for SEO.

WordPress themes for blogs and ecommerce

Themes are an essential part of every website and web-shop, as they are the first thing every reader and customer sees when accessing the website. Or a shop.

There are so many to choose from. Free of charge or premium. Simple or versatile. WordPress themes. Themes from ThemeForest, DeliciousThemes or WooCommerce-compatible premium themes. Easy to integrate and top-notch. You can really be very specific about all your needs and wishes and choose from a variety of options.

But let’s remember that free themes will never have the same functionalities as the premium ones. They are great for smaller web-shops and blogs, but owners of larger ecommerce businesses looking for a faster growth will almost always need a premium theme.

Currently WordPress can be used to develop and manage any website, including ecommerce. Furthermore, with WordPress you can not only create an online shop, but also have an overall control over your webshop. Not to mention the fact that WordPress offers the possibility to combine your online shop with blogs, portfolios, corporate pages, etc. WordPress provides lots of (let us be more specific: thousands) plugins, themes, tools, functionalities, and integrations with plenty of modern online services.

It is compatible with almost any service, platform, or function available on the web. And there are free, premium, and affordable-premium options everywhere. So, regardless of the budget, it fits anyone’s pocket and taste thanks to the wide variety of tools and options. Should you have problems on what to choose a WordPress e-commerce agency will be a good partner for you.

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Paweł Szumski Chief Operational Officer