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Outsourcing a Programming Team is About More than Technology

outsourcing a programming team
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Are you looking for an IT solution that will ensure the success and development of your business? Consider working with an external development team!

Companies whose success in business depends on effective IT solutions need to be based on efficient IT systems, equal to or a step above their competitors. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to produce those technological solutions in house.

Through outsourcing, you don’t have to:

  • bring on new staff,
  • build and maintain your own IT department,
  • manage a completely new and uniquely skilled team.

Companies that use remote programming teams focus on their priorities. They invest their time in business development, leaving IT related tasks to the experts. You can achieve your business goals without needing to invest in an internal, specialized team of developers. Choose working hand in hand with a technological partner you can rely on.

Why is it worth choosing to outsource a programming team?

 1. Business is a priority for you!

For most companies that base their business on technological solutions, a remote programming team is a function of business support, not a core competency. Outsourcing the programming team allows you to focus on managing key company proficiencies and business development, instead of struggling with technological issues. It’s better to focus on topics related to product development, customer service and business management, while leaving technological output  to outsourced specialists.

A remote programming team offers comprehensive services and support, and with the proper contractual provisions, you’re guaranteed quality IT solutions (in regards to a specific functional scope, application of modern technologies, process optimization and professional project management).

2. Access to experts and modern technologies

Technology partners providing remote programming services ensure that their employees are properly trained and have the necessary knowledge and experience in the fields appropriate for your needs. IT partners manage their team of experts in a variety of IT fields, and when necessary will employ specialists for their team. All activities related to the production of IT solutions suitable for your business, and that will help your company achieve success, are managed offsite by your technology partner.

3. A remote programming team will reduce your expenses

An important reason behind the decision to outsource a team of developers is the reduction of  costs and expenses related to building and maintaining your own IT department. These savings can be significant in financial terms, but they also correlate with time management, as well.

You don’t need to buy computer equipment and software licenses. Your company doesn’t  shoulder the additional labor costs involved with hiring and maintaining employees (lights, coffee, furniture are also costs …)

You don’t invest in infrastructure for collecting and storing data (servers). Cooperation with a remote team of programmers also means that your costs are predictable, and the contracts  signed with an outsourced team precisely define the scope of services involved.

4.  Reduced risk and increased flexibility

Technology is costly, and making the wrong decision is expensive. An outsourced programming team has a solid knowledge base and the experience needed for making the right technical decisions.

If you decide to change the IT systems management strategy of your company or you need new solutions, a remote programming team will have the tools and services to facilitate your transition to a new platform or produce these functionalities themselves.

Cooperating with an external provider of programming services reduces the risk of making the wrong decision and the ensuing data loss, as it also ensures that your data has adequate security, monitors the correct operation of the system and makes backup copies.

Working with a remote development team also provides the flexibility to quickly increase or decrease the scale of a business when customer needs change. If a company develops organically and needs additional functionality or a new technology, an IT service provider can quickly implement additional projects and provide the right infrastructure.


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Serial entrepreneur in the IT industry. Former coder, graduated from Silesian University of Technology. His strong technical background coming from the former programming career, combined with business analysis skills and real-life business development experience, based on an 18-years track record as an entrepreneur, blends into a mixture of competences extremely helpful on a leadership position he holds in WLC.

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