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Best plugins for WooCommerce in 2022. For every seller!

Best WooCommerce Plugins 2022
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Starting and growing a successful online business is not an easy task. But most of the problems can be solved with various plugins. The more, WooCommerce offers a huge abundance of them. That’s why we would like to present you the White Label Coders’ choice of best WooCommerce plugins which make the life of every store owner and developer much easier.

The following selection of WooCommerce extensions will help you to:

  • Add custom product fields to your store
  • Manage all sorts of discounts and dynamic prices
  • Integrate your WooCommerce store with Google services for online shoppers
  • Integrate WooCommerce store with Facebook fan page
  • Make mass changes to various product features in a much more convenient way
  • Provide quite extensive statistics
  • Provide additional blocks for the website

Extra Product Options (Product Add-ons) for WooCommerce

The Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin is a great option for stores that sell personalized products. The plugin allows you to easily add custom product fields (up to 14 different types of fields), including simple fields like text, number, phone number, checkboxes, or password, and advanced fields like selecting a color or date in the calendar.

The Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin also allows you to use simple conditional logic to display additional fields. You can also define the style of the created forms and configured fields, that appear on the product page before or after the Add to Cart button. Depending on the settings, of course. The plugin allows you to set the style of the fields and adjust them to the layout of the store.

The product options selected by the customer are then displayed in the cart, order, and emails. The plugin is compatible with many popular add-ons, including WooCommerce subscriptions. A basic license for one website costs $ 39.

Quite a large number of users (over 100) have rated this product with 5 stars. However, the plugin is sometimes problematic in case of many stores with different owners, when there is a need to add an additional field to only one of them. But, you can generate temporary access to the demo version of the admin panel (free version of the plugin) or preview the running website for the product page.

Paid version

The paid version of the plugin offers more options like adding useful field types, including file upload or color palette, and extra functionalities like changing the product price depending on the selected field values. Moreover, the plugin comes with hooks and technical documentation that allow developers to add their own functionalities.

Adding a new field:

Adding a new field in Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

As a result, we get a new field next to the product:

A new field in Extra Prodcut Options for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

The Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin greatly enhances the WooCommerce functionalities and provides all types of discounts, dynamic prices, advanced discounts, percentage discounts, product-based discounts, tiered discounts for selected products, and also time-limited discounts.

You can also use it to create advanced pricing rules, including percentage and quantity discounts, based on product quantity in the cart, order value, product category, user role, and more.

You can display the information about discounts is on the cart page, order page, and emails. The paid version of the plugin offers advanced options for creating rules, such as multi-level discounts or the “buy one, get one free” functionality.

All discounts, codes, and rules are created with an intuitive wizard available in the admin panel.

The basic license for this plugin for one website costs $ 59. However, it is not yet available in Poland. But, the user can get temporary access to the demo version of the admin panel for the product site (free version of the plugin). Quite a large number of users (almost 500) have rated this product with 5 stars.

Adding 10% discount for all products:

Discount Rules for WooCommerce - adding discount

The website after adding a discount:

Discount Rules for WooCommerce - adding discount - website look

The next two plugins offer advanced integrations:

Google Listings & Ads

The plugin created by WooCommerce developers. After installation, the plugin options tab is added to the WordPress panel on the “Marketing” tab.

Google Listings & Ads plugin allows you to integrate your WooCommerce store with Google services for online shoppers. To do this, you need a WordPress.com account and, of course, a Google account. After that, you can use the plugin to create an account in the Google Merchant Center service and display the products offered by the store in Google search results, and on Google Shopping websites listings (https://shopping.google.com/). It also allows you to create advertising campaigns in Google.

Facebook for WooCommerce

Official plugin developed by Facebook developers for WooCommerce. Similar to the Google Listings & Ads plugin, after installing the Facebook for WooCommerce, the plugin options tab is added to the “Marketing” tab the WordPress panel.

The plugin allows you to integrate WooCommerce store with Facebook fan page.

With the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin you can create a tab on the Facebook store page that allows customers to purchases products offered on Facebook and display ads for products offered on Facebook, for  example, for users who previously viewed them directly in the WooCommerce store.

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit

The plugin for store administrators. After installation, the plugin options tab is added to the WordPress panel on the ” Products ” tab.

With the PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit plugin administrators can make mass changes to various product features in a much more convenient way than with the default WooCommerce options.

Thanks to a simple form, the plugin allows you to create a tabular list of products to be changed based on various criteria and make these changes directly to the values ​​displayed in the table.

WooCommerce Admin

A new WooCommerce interface available as a separate plugin.

The plugin is still in the testing phase, but in the latest WooCommerce version there is a registry of changes to WooCommerce Admin 2.9.4 and there is a version 3.01 of the plugin. For this reason, WooCommerce will be updated to version 3 of WooCommerce Admin).

The new dashboard contains detailed statistics of the store displayed in charts, and the user can change the displayed data with switches. An AJAX-based interface allows visiting subpages without reloading the entire page.

The WooCommerce Admin provides quite extensive statistics, so you do not need to install additional plugins.

WooCommerce Blocks

Like WooCommerce Admin, this plugin also part of the WooCommerce core.

It provides additional blocks for the website, for example: most purchased products, products on sale, opinions by product, product search, or product filter by price or attributes.

It is a very convenient solution, because such functionalities were previously offered by page-builders and ready-made templates, and now they are just within reach.

If you’re looking for a partner to set up your online e-commerce shop and you need andvanced integrations. Just give us a shout.

Wojciech Piechocki

WordPress Solutions Architect  / Business Analyst

Wojciech as a Solution Architect is the person in charge of leading the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for a particular solution. He has a balanced mix of skills covering: technologies, industry knowledge, communication, stakeholder management, leadership, problem-solving, and decision making. Wojciech is responsible for the coordination and technological development of the software department, he is also the Leader of the RnD Department.

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