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WordPress Security and Speed Audit

We offer complete servicing of WordPress based websites and shops

With over 60% of market share, WordPress is still the cornerstone of the modern internet. This scalable content management system is chosen by both small local companies and international corporations.

Being the biggest on the market also makes it the most vulnerable to attacks as hackers tend to choose the biggest target possible to infect as many websites as they can. That’s why it’s crucial to service your WordPress regularly. Best way to approach this topic is to contact WordPress Specialists.

WordPress Security and Speed Audit

Unattended WordPress instances are prone to automated hacked attacks exploiting security gaps of obsolete or deprecated plugins and themes.

Many of the WP users simply lack the right knowledge to operate their websites in a safe manner. Our security specialists will audit your website using their extensive experience combined with our dedicated checklists.

During WLC Security and Speed Audtit, among others, we look for:

  • Plugins and themes not updated in long time
  • Hosting company reputation
  • Usage of nulled themes and plugins
  • Presence of security plugins
  • Password and security policies
  • Presence of SSL certificate and usage of HTTPS protocol
  • Quality of custom code
  • Page Speed Index
  • SEO optimization
Contact us to keep your WordPress websites safe and fast.

How it works?

Take a look on a sample raport

When it comes to WordPress we have seen it all. Thanks to that we have a scenario for every possible issue. Database leak? Admin account hacked? Corrupted plugins? Poor performance? Hit us with anything and we will fix everything in no time. Our flexible offer comes with proactive actions that minimize the risk of failure occurring.

Let our experts audit your WordPress website

White Label Coders is a complete WordPress development and support company. Our security experts are at your disposal to audit your website and present you their findings. We will check for errors, inconsistencies and security gaps in your WP content management system. Audit will be followed by a quotation for security and speed improvements that can be administered and for removal of viruses and malware.

Contact us and tell us about your problem, we will dispatch a security expert to audit your website and come back to you with and estimate.


We also have experience with managing large scale implementations (multisite, platforms on cloud autoscaling infrastructure, etc.), where a dedicated Devops and QA processes become very important in order to maintain high traffic, business critical websites, and limit downtime to the absolute minimum.

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