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Short description

WordPress e-commerce platform for Tytan, a professional brand offering products and comprehensive systems in the field of construction chemicals.

Main technology
WordPress e-commerce platform


For our client: Selena FM S.A. we have made the website tytan.com. The assumption of the project was to create a new website presenting the product offer of the Selena Group and educating users on the correct and effective use of the group’s products.
Tytan.com is a website available in 14 locations around the world. The task of White Label Coders was to lead an extensive re-design of the website with a strong focus on the stage of product discovery, as a process supporting the development and sale of the product. The website was implemented in the Polish, Czech, Romanian and Italian markets in 2021.

WordPress e-commerce platform for Tytan


Common understanding and SCRUM methodology used in the project allowed us to deliver the required scope of the order in a most effective way. The iterative approach allowed for many benefits to be achieved in the project, ranging from the comfort of variability in terms of direction and vision to the effective execution of the full range of functionalities.

A large number of Tytan users are mobile users, therefore we have paid a lot of attention to the mobile user experience, to make it at least as good as the desktop version. In addition to the mobile view, the application can be downloaded as PWA.


The website was made with WordPress, including external integrations. As part of the update, we created the “Knowledge Center” section, which allows Tytan’s experts to share their experiences and advice with the users of the portal. The foundation of this project was the constant testing of ideas, and solutions, as well as learning how they affect users’ purchasing decisions.

WordPress e-commerce platform
WordPress e-commerce platform
Selena logo


Selena, under the Tytan Professional brand, offers products and comprehensive systems in the field of construction chemicals. The product offering includes, among others, polyurethane foams, foam adhesives, sealants, adhesives, waterproofing coatings, and thermal insulation systems. Selena’s products are used by professionals in over 100 countries around the world.

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