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Pismo Foundation

Short description

A unique media project, carried out pro publico bono by Pismo Foundation - "Pismo. Magazyn Opinii".

Time Period

Project Hours: 700

Main technology
Pismo. Magazyn opinii


Pismo Foundation is the publisher of magazynpismo.pl. The content is available in electronic, audio and paper version. “Pismo” takes up topics related to culture, science, economy, technology, society and politics.

As part of the project we implemented two functionalities: audio and a new way of content presentation. We created a dedicated audio player, which made the magazine independent of streaming platforms. The player allows a user to manipulate the content provided by various streaming platforms. We used JS technology to implement this independent solution. The website has been rebuilt in terms of the way the pages are handled. The content is reloaded, not the entire page, that finally makes it possible to use your own player and play the sound while browsing the magazynpismo.pl website.



Audio is played during the portal browsing. We have implemented the scope of the project in compliance with WordPress standards. The standardization ensure low level of maintenance costs and high level of security by the possibility of up to date WordPress platform updates. SCRUM methodology made it possible to implement the project in a cost effective way and respond to changes required by the client. Ongoing monitoring of implementation costs allowed for flexible management of the project scope.


Content management has also been changed. Content can be now shared irrespective of the method of communication (text, audio). Content management also applies to making it available to users depending on the scope (access to: audio, text) and the level of access. Independence from the streaming platform allows the user to define playlists, categorize by type of content (scientific, entertainment, economic, etc.). There is no need to have access to the entire article with both text and audio. You can access different ways to present your content. This allows the user to effectively use their preferred browsing mode. There has been an update on how the offer is presented. New method makes it easier for the user to choose the scope of access to subscription content. Support for playlists and permission support was done in PHP.
The project also involved changing the use of the articles, new forms of content presentation: audio (using a dedicated player), photos, videos, photo galleries, animated charts, statistics.

The update and rebuild was done by adding dedicated Gutenberg blocks using the ACF plugin. We used the JS GSAP library and the scroll magic library to handle the animation. The changes were aimed at facilitating the use of content via mobile devices. The update made mobile devices function as media players without the need to search for more content using the limited presentation space of mobile devices. Graphic designs for the desktop and mobile versions were prepared by the Magazyn Pismo in order to ensure compliance with the graphic design of the entire concept of the publishing house.



The mission of “Pismo” is to shape the leaders of social, economic and cultural life through high-quality, credible, non-partisan and fact-verified content. “Pismo” is distinguished by the insight, reliability and apolitical nature of the published texts. It is created by the most outstanding authors of reports, essays, prose writers and poets, photographers and illustrators. “Pismo” focuses on the so-called “Long read”, that is, extensive, insightful texts that avoid superficial analyzes and hasty judgments. As probably the only editorial office in the country, it verifies the facts in all texts. “Pismo” is a pro publico bono project, its publisher is the Pismo Foundation.

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