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Idea Management

Short description

How a WordPress plugin can help to implement Kaizen’s philosophy of continuous improvement.

Time Period

Project Hours: 280

Main technology
Idea Management with WordPress


The idea behind the project was to solve some internal issues regarding the company’s continuous improvement policy. The team needed a tool to master and administer the ideas that each member of the team could post to the C-level Management to improve the company’s workflow. We came up with a WordPress plugin for internal use only. The plugin enables an employee to post ideas that are later resolved by the management, the tool guarantees that all the issues are dealt with and nothing get lost. Managers can post a challenge to the team that is later addressed by the staff to come up with the best possible solution. The project was implemented according to user stories White Label Coders developed together with the client. All the designs were provided by the client.

WordPress plugin to manage Kaizen


In a relatively short time, we created the prototype functionality of the social media system, which helped in the evaluation of the client’s idea. Based on customer feedback, we can now prepare a development plan for a full-fledged product as an independent plugin for implementation on various WordPress sites.


The project was realized as a plugin for WordPress, based on BuddyBoss theme and plugin. Backend is written in PHP using Advanced Custom Fields PRO. To enable a better user experience, the plugin uses AJAX. The frontend is written in Sass and jQuery. The development environment uses WordPress plugins boilerplate using Webpack and NPM. We used the following libraries in the project, jQuery and Moment.js

WordPress plugin to manage Kaizen
WordPress plugin to manage tasks
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