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Short description

Constant support that guarantees both development competencies and project deployment with technological consulting.

Time Period

Project Hours: 40

Main technology
3D Gence WordPress Support


3D Gence develops its products and sales channels using an omnichannel strategy requiring a comprehensive technological partner to work with. That translated into the search for a technological partner who would be able to provide full support in two key areas:

– i.e., constant support that guarantees both front-end and back-end competences
– project development with technological consulting.

We offered our WordPress support line services to develop their website and therefore support a marketing lead generation strategy.

3D GENCE WordPress


The effect of our cooperation is system security. White Label Coders provides a permanent support line that works flawlessly. Let’s remember that with the global dimension of our client’s website in many markets, this is especially important. Secondly, it is technological support on various competence levels, both at the level of frontend and backend developers. The third aspect is the advice and support of the project manager at every stage of the project path.

An important factor here is that we provide our client with very efficient project management, transparent continuous support in the agile framework.


We work on the WordPress support line in the field of the ongoing customer concerning various types of requests. We manage both production and intermediate-development environments.

The needs of the 3D Gence are largely related to the need to develop the order to obtain as many inquiries as possible from this marketing channel. We solve all failures within the agreed reaction time, while the remaining changes (change requests) are implemented in a sprint approach. We make changes resulting from current SEO and UI/UX audits as well as development requests that directly affect the functionality of the website.


3D Gence delivers best-in-class industrial FFF 3D printers. In 2014, they began a vision and a commitment to make the most versatile, flexible, and cost-effective industrial 3D printing solutions that will support and optimize the workflow for their customers. With headquarters both in the Americas and Europe and partners worldwide, they provide global coverage and services to our customers across the world.

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