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Becoming a full-fledged WordPress developer – the White Label Coders’ way

WordPress Developer
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WordPress is now one of the most popular website-building platforms and it doesn’t seem to change in the future. It’s worthwhile to devote time to WordPress development because:

  • Over 35% of websites are running on WordPress.
  • WordPress’s market share is 62% in the field of website development.

See? Pursuing WordPress as a career means you don’t have to worry about the future. At White Label Coders, we get it well. If you’re interested in becoming a WordPress developer, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is a WordPress developer?

Let’s start with a short explanation. A WordPress developer is a professional who manages the complex challenges of using WordPress websites. They usually manipulate the infrastructure and ecosystem of websites as they typically are full-stack developers, meaning they develop the front-end and back-end of a website. WordPress developers can be employed by a company or choose to be freelance developers. They improve existing WordPress software or work with clients to achieve their specific website needs. Their job duties vary between employers but in most cases WordPress developers:

  • Build and maintain WordPress websites.
  • Create custom plugins, themes, and modules.
  • Build sitemaps or wireframes for websites.
  • Redesign websites to optimize performance and SEO rankings.
  • Change websites into WordPress sites.
  • Perform maintenance tasks such as backups and security scans.
  • Communicate with clients and consult with potential clients when necessary.

Become a WordPress developer in 6 steps

We asked our WordPress developers at WLC to share their experiences to become WordPress developers. Here are the steps most of them took:

  1. Familiarize yourself with WordPress and gain essential skills. WordPress is quite accessible for beginners which makes it a popular choice for those who want to make websites themselves but don’t have any coding experience. In order to become a WordPress developer, you should learn the fundamentals of code and how to write it. To master WordPress, you should learn four primary first: HTML (it enables you to structure websites by organized content), CSS (to apply stylistic elements like text color or border thickness), PHP, and JavaScript. Different programming languages will allow you to perform different actions on websites. The good news is that there are a lot of similarities in coding languages which makes learning multiple languages much easier.
  2. Understand WordPress as a CMS. Using your knowledge in WordPress requires you to understand all the moving parts and there are a lot of them.
  3. Once you get to know the basics of WordPress, time to choose your focus area – many WordPress developers specialize in certain aspects of the language such as core development or themes, as well as plugin development, or API development. If you manage to choose your focus area, you can consider training more in it by editing existing code or trying to build a website, plugin, or theme from scratch.
  4. Join the WP community. You can start by browsing online forums or social media groups. Communicating with other WordPress developers helps you better understand the platform. Also, you will get support whenever you need guidance or tips. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, so it has an amazing community. It’s important to become involved – the deeper you dive in, the more you will be able to learn in the long run.
  5. Build a portfolio with examples of some of your work. It should contain evidence of your best technical skills and your expertise in your focus area. It can include projects, skills, personal information, development service information, and anything else you think is relevant to potential customers.
  6. That’s it! Time to market your services and join a company that will help you grow!

Practice makes perfect – this is how we do it at WLC

Our talented developers agree that to become a really good WordPress developer, you need to pursue your dream. ‘All you need to do is visualize your success and keep pursuing it. When you know what you want to do in the future, the rest is just a matter of hard work. Try to be the best version of yourself and visualize yourself as one of the top WP developers. Master your skills and get to know the necessary tools. If you know how to start and believe in your success, the sky’s the limit. You are only limited by your imagination’ says one of our WordPress developers.

What else? This is what is worth implementing:

  1. Consider getting a degree in coding. It’s not crucial and many WordPress developers are self-taught programmers. However, in some cases earning a degree in coding may help you develop the necessary skills to enter WordPress development roles right after graduation.
  2. Create a testing environment. It’s a private area where you can develop and test plugins, themes, and other features. Your testing environment is a great place for self-development, as well as a place for your team to collaborate on projects before publicly releasing them.
  3. Join a software house that is well-established in the market. Collaborating with the right partner always pays off – choose the one that will help you develop.

WordPress developers at White Label Coders

Learning how to become a WordPress developer can seem out of reach if you are a newbie. However, when you learn the basic web development languages, do plenty of research, and then decide on a way to get involved, it all gets much easier. At White Label Coders, we always highlight the importance of self-development. Of course, we do whatever it takes to provide our developers with relevant courses and all the necessary tools, but nothing is more important than your ambition. We only work with the cream of the crop – people who want to master their skills and never rest on their laurels. Asking the right questions, searching for answers on your own, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in web and app development – this is what makes you a WordPress development star and what we are looking for at WLC!

Why join the WordPress development team at WLC

While WordPress is a great, intuitive content management system, WordPress developers are essential to its success. Adding custom plugins, creating new themes, and looking for new solutions – all these require software development skills. At WLC, we help our clients develop outstanding, feature-rich websites and applications, and working with us is an amazing opportunity to become a world-class WordPress expert. We do a good job and enjoy the results. We develop mutual respect between all employees, and we really work hard to provide them with the best culture in the industry. If you want to constantly improve your skills and at the same time, have a great time coding with real talents, join us as a WordPress developer.

Jagoda Nowicz

HR Associate

Jagoda is also our recruitment specialist. If you are planning to apply then you will certainly meet her in your first job interview. Despite HR, contracts etc. Jagoda also helps to implement and develop an employer branding strategy for WLC. She studies IT and in the nearest future Jagoda plans to become a developer, her technical background makes the recruitment process smoother not only for her but also for the candidates.

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