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Hi, my name is Paweł Zmysłowski, company founder and CEO. I’m an IT specialist, programmer and entrepreneur fascinated with continuous development both in personal life and business. Let me introduce our company to you in just a few sentences.

Who we are

We are a software house and outsourcing partner specialized in WordPress and custom PHP development, founded in 2006. Our offices are located in Poland, central Europe, just above Austria. We work with digital & creative agencies, graphic designers, web developers and marketers. We make outstanding WordPress websites and internet applications for their key clients. Our team consists of over 15 engineers, IT professionals, designers and project managers with up to 20 years experience in their field. We are PHP and JavaScript experts, committed to achieving the goals of our customers and partners. We strive for the highest standards when it comes to project management, security and quality assurance… a technical partner you can always rely on.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our overseas Partners to grow their businesses and revenue by taking on most of the burdens connected with design and development. And encourage them to use the time they gain to focus on sales, customer care and business growth.

Our values

Agility and continuous improvement

we operate in an extremely variable environment. We are looking to improve in every field of our operation, including technology, services, and processes. If it will may lead to an improvement of our services, we are ready for the change.

Open communication

we are always open for feedback. We listen, try to understand and are proactive in each and every situation. We are ready to assertively express our opinion too. We believe every successful business relationship is a partnership.


we set deadlines and make our commitments responsibly, with the intention to keep them. We are frank in our communication with everyone we cooperate with.


we truly engage in everything we do. We are engineers, our role is to provide solutions to every problem we come across. This is a key component of our professional approach.
How can you benefit from working with us?

If you let us handle all the organizational challenges connected with building an effective development team and solving all kinds of technical problems, you’ll be able to focus on sales and customer care. What you focus on expands. As a result, your business will grow, or at the least, you’ll have more free time and less stress.

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