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Group of more than 30 engineers, IT professionals, designers and project managers experienced in the design and development of advanced, custom, database-driven web applications.

Our Managment


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Team of specialists

To grow your business and revenue, you need a team. But programmers are expensive, and good ones are particularly hard to find.

With the expertise of twelve years in the industry and hundreds of projects completed, we can be your on-demand development team.

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Professional approach

We strive for the highest standards when it comes to project management, security and quality assurance. We are a technical partner you can always rely on.

Our mission is to help our overseas Partners to grow their businesses and revenue by taking on most of the burdens connected with design and development. And encourage them to use the time they gain to focus on sales, customer care and business growth.

Our values

Agility and continuous improvement Icon

Agility and continuous improvement

We operate in an extremely variable environment. We are looking to improve in every field of our operation including technology, services, and processes. If it may lead to an improvemet of our services, we are ready for a change.

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Open communication

We are always open for feedback. We listen, try to understand and are proactive in each and every situation. We are ready to assertively express our opinion too. We believe every succesfull business relationship is a partnership.

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We set deadlines and make our commitments responsibly, with the intention to keep them. We are frank in our communication with everyone we cooperate with.

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We truly engage in everything we do. We are engineers, our role is to provide solutions to every problem we come cross. This is a key component of our professional approach.

Our standards

We understand that we can only achieve this if you are satisfied with the quality of our work. Thus we continuously strive to improve the standards of our work at every turn.

Project management

Project management

Even small project go south if not properly managed. This is why each and every project we take on is assigned a project manager.

Even if you are working hand in hand with one of our programmers, you may take for granted that there is someone else looking after your project, preserving standards and upholding deadlines.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

It’s a well-known that a programmer is never the best person to test his own work. And in the age of mobile devices, tests covering all major mobile and desktop platforms are a terious and time consuming task. This is why all standard projects go through our quality control specialist before being deployed.

We do our best to filter out the bugs and iron our the wrinkles before handing things over to you.



People make mistakes. People forget things. We’re only humans, it’s our nature. One of the best methods invented so far to protect ourselves against our unreliable memory is the checklists.

Our team members are obligated to walk through several checklists during the different phases of a project, to make sure we have all the important information and all critical tasks accounted for. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare yourself for a safe and comfortable flight with our team!

Technical skills

Technical skills

Last but not least, our team members are perpetually honing their skills and keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Security, optimizing speed optimization, code quality, latest features of mainstream frameworks and technology standards – we are tuned in to very detail, to make sure you and your customers receive the best quality work.