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We believe that specialization is good. It is the only way to reach an expert skill-level  in any field. Thus we have a dedicated WordPress development team, who have an excellent command of this framework. WhiteLabelCoders is part of group, a software house focused on custom PHP and JavaScript development. We are a group of more than 15 engineers, IT professionals, designers and project managers experienced in the design and development of advanced, custom, database-driven web applications. With PHP and JavaScript being our core technologies, our field of expertise covers the following frameworks:


a JavaScript framework for dynamic web-apps

WordPress / WooCommerce

the most popular CMS system in the world

Symfony2 / Doctrine

a high performance PHP framework for web development,


the most popular open source e-commerce platform


a great CMS framework, valued for its flexibility


another great e-commerce platform
With the expertise of nine years in the industry, and over 200 projects projects of varying scale and complexity completed, we can proudly say: we are engineers, we can do anything 🙂

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