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Short description

How to improve an e-commerce shop development by providing continuous maintenance and support.

Time Period

Project Hours: 550

Main technology
ReCucina e-commerce shop development


Our team provided programming support for an e-commerce online store: www.recucina.pl. Re CUCINA is a supplier of professional gastronomic equipment, their primary focus was to elevate the performance of the store to boost sales and visibility. The client decided to use our WordPress Support Line to get constant maintenance for their website. Their business is relatively new and therefore they were in need to have developers by their side not only to develop their store but also to implement changes and provide development on weekly basis.

The scope of our support focused on core functionalities that impact the conversion of an e-commerce store. We automated the process of delivering new products to the store and focused on improving key indicators related to Core Web Vitals which in the long run raised the PageSpeed ​​ranking.

To obtain instant results we suggested implementing a plugin called Nitropack, which is responsible for optimization. Properly configured Nitropack speeds up the website and improves its functionality. We used a cache-clearing mechanism (smart cache invalidation) on the website, and the cache warming process (automatic cache warmup) and its general operations were automated. We optimized the format, size, and loading time of graphics and other multimedia files (including lazy loading of images, affecting their loading time and reducing render-blocking resources). In addition, thanks to Nitropack, HTML, CSS, and JS files were minified and compressed, and rules for the order and time of their loading were established, which affected the site’s overall performance. For delivering some of the resources we used CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Additionally, we have implemented the Redis mechanism. Running the Redis engine helped optimize the site. It is a mechanism that enables the optimization of the most frequent database queries, the implementation significantly reduced the time needed to generate the most important DOM structure data and reduced the time needed to generate it by over 3 seconds for product cards!

ReCUCINA e-commerce shop development


When we started the project our client did not have a tech team in-house, and they had problems finding experienced partners to become their technological support.

We started with the migration of the store environment to dedicated OVH servers that allowed us to solve problems with the efficiency of large product feeds exports and imports. Continuous and up-to-date information on the product, its condition, price, and availability is a vital aspect of any e-commerce store. This element gives you an advantage over the competition.

We offered a solid and proven solution that combines NitroPack with the CDN service for an e-commerce store. This service allowed us to raise the key Core Web Vitals parameters, which ultimately translated into better organic search results.

We now have a team that works with our client on daily basis providing technical support that helps the client to introduce changes, develop new ideas and maintain the store. Our team provides more than bug fixes, you can find more about how our WordPress / WooCommerce Support line works here.


We provide continuous service for our client based on the sprint approach, planning work cycles to efficiently deliver the value to the client that they need at a given moment. This approach makes the growth and development closely related to the business and, above all, to the customer’s sales cycle. High emphasis on change management is a primary benefit for each development project and one of the most important aspects of every e-commerce store where the response time to a changing environment is crucial.

We have developed a set of processes to manage and refine the project backlog that gives our clients and team a clear view of the software development cycle. Find more about how we manage project backlog on our blog.

ReCUCINA e-commerce wordpress and woocommerce support
ReCucina online woocommerce shop


At recucina.pl, you are welcomed by the King of the Kitchen, who has prepared the widest range of reliable and high-quality kitchen accessories on the market for you. In the store’s offer, you will probably find everything you need to be able to prepare the best dishes in your kitchen for you, for her, for him or the whole family or guests.

In the recucina.pl store you will find kitchen novelties and solutions that not only follow trends in the kitchen but also create them.

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