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Case Studies

Please note that as a white label partner, we are often not permitted to disclose project details. For those presented below, we received consent, still, on some projects, the brand of the end client has been omitted.

Kozaczek WordPress webiste and mobile portal
clock Project Hours: 500


Digital transformation of one of the biggest gossip portals in Poland

“Kozaczek” was built on old, dedicated CMS what made it difficult to update and develop. Due to the dynamic expansion of such websites in Poland, the edito...
jewelry e-commerce
clock Project Hours: 4700

ND Channel

The online platform prepared for ND Channel fully automated the pricing and ordering process for the company’s B2B clients

Jewelry items like rings, bracelets, and earrings are produced to order. This, in turn, means that calculating the prices of specific items is a complex pr...
web app quality control Grieg Seafood logo
clock Project Hours: 1287

Grieg Seafood

Improving sustainable growth and enhancing the quality control process with our mobile and web application

A web application for documenting the quality control process in a salmon factory, supervising the packaging delivery process.

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