We are Professionals with Code of Honour

We are Professionals with Code of Honour

In today’s ultra-competitive, high-tech, interdependent world, technology and business without awareness and character are a recipe for economic and personal failure. And if recent history teaches us anything, it is that ethics and values matter, especially in business, as many huge organizations have been destroyed and others were severely damaged by people without a moral compass.

We know that our actions affect not only ourselves, but also our clients and the people around us. Therefore, many of our professional decisions are linked to ethics and values that can be found at all levels of our professional and team activities. And that is why we make our Code of Honour our backbone and foundation:

Make commitments prudently, with the intention of keeping them

We are professionals. We are responsible and fulfil our obligations.

Inform in advance, if for any reason you cannot keep your commitment

But life happens. And if there is a reason or a case of unforeseeable circumstances that makes it difficult for us to fulfil our obligations, we inform any interested party in advance and make every effort to correct the issue.

Always tell the truth

We always tell the truth. Even the most difficult one. The provision of truthful and knowledgable information enables us to act and deal with issues professionally.

Don’t stop improving your skills

We are constantly acquiring new skills, we are ceaselessly interested in new solutions and technologies, and we encourage each other to keep doing so.

Give more than expected

We are great partners and professionals with a vision who can propose a better solution and approach to any problem.

Constantly searching for ways to optimize company’s workflow

We know that there is no such thing as perfection. But we strive to make our work and procedures better every day.

Take care of the company’s image

We know that the success of our compan6y is the key to our future, and the result of our joint efforts.

Boldly communicate your opinion and needs, encourage others to do the same

We know that by providing concise and accurate information regarding needs and opinions we are able to understand each other and solve problems. Therefore, we try to communicate clearly and expect our colleagues and business partners to behave in the same way.

Require compliance with the Code and humbly accept your co-workers’ feedback

We know that a breach of our Code of Honour can undermine our own integrity and projects. And if we deliver shoddy code or miss a deadline, we can jeopardize someone’s projects, profits, and future.

This is why we need honest feedback in order to be better people and professionals, and to be able to act and work better.

Notice and celebrate each and every success

We are a team. And, the success and joy of each of us is the success and joy of the whole team. So let’s celebrate it together!

We are professionals who stubbornly adhere to ethics and values, honesty, good relationships and communication with clients. And who seek the best solution in every situation because we strive to work and live in a world that preserves values. This is why we have decided to create such a world for us, for our children, and for other people.

This is why we maintain the highest standards in project management, safety, and quality assurance. And, why we are partners our clients can always rely on. Yes, we are ethical professionals. Ethical coders. And this is why we are good partners when it comes to providing software solutions for our clients.

Author-Thumbnail Ewa Zmysłowska
Ewa Zmysłowska Chief Experience Officer