13 Agile Methods – How to Pull Even More Profit from a Corporate Website (part 1)

13 Agile Methods – How to Pull Even More Profit from a Corporate Website (part 1)

Corporate websites have recently become one of the most effective channels of communication in business. However, at White Label Coders, we’ve observed that not every business uses this medium effectively . Properly designing websites to play their part in the communication process is crucial for gaining customers and promoting good PR.

As an agency, we employ people with years of valuable experience in creating websites and market insight. This is why we’ve collected our proposals and we’ve written down the following 13 methods, to let you know how you can use your website as a tool for making money for your company. Here they are…


Method 1

Corporate websites should be created for a business purpose which has been clearly defined and is easy to measure. Focusing on the business purpose should guide the website’s users to take a specific ACTION which will lead to further activities, both on and offline.

For example, these could be:

1) Company telephone call (offline) – questions, offline sales, offer requests

2) Email to the company

3) Purchase of a service / product (online) – transaction counted in $

4) Advancing company credibility on the market through a detailed portfolio, reassuring users that they’ve found a reliable contractor.

Based on well-defined goals, you should construct the path of following the user in such a way that users get the right information at the right moment and takes the right actions, that is, previously defined as goals.

Well-defined goals should lead you to construct a path that guides users to receive the proper information at just the right moment.  It’s this opportunity that results in the user choosing to take the actions that fulfil those goals.


Method 2

We experience the world through different senses and in different ways. As Internet users, we also exhibit a variety of behaviours online.

variety of behaviours online

Some of us absorb information by watching the world around us, these are so-called visual learners. Audial learners behave differently – they rely on assimilating their surroundings through sound, voice – even their internal one. Other people take in the world through touch and physical sensation. All these people are active Internet users, and if we realize that our websites are browsed daily by visual learners, audial learners and kinaesthetic learners in completely unique ways, then we should respond by designing websites that satisfy their needs and interests.


We know more practical methods to pull out more from a corporate website – check the next publications soon.

Author-Thumbnail Ewa Zmysłowska
Ewa Zmysłowska Chief Experience Officer